5-Star Reviews! Clutch Case Studies for EB Pearls

It’s a fact of the modern era that we’re bombarded by data. In an age where users are constantly fed visual information, leaving a digital impression is becoming more and more of a challenge. It can be difficult to stand out the ever-expanding sea of professionally-built platforms. 

To even have a chance in what’s been called an “attention economy”—where a user’s attention is a precious commodity—apps and websites have to be nothing short of stunning. And here at EB Pearls, we specialize in delivering striking designs that will differentiate your business from all the others. 

But you raise a good point: why believe us, especially when there are so many agencies out there? Well, we’re happy to say that along with the array of design awards we’ve gotten over the years, our claims are backed up our 5-star ratings on Clutch.co!

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that lends credibility to businesses through detailed case studies. These are detailed reviews of real projects left by verified clients. And we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just received another perfect rating.

In this particular project, we developed an app for a legal startup. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“… I chose EB Pearls based on the transparency and understanding of Akash and the team. Communication was easy and things kept moving at a good pace. They deliver elegant solutions that look good and function as intended.” — Grace Wilkie, Founder, Vaultd Pty Ltd

In another engagement, we undertook the task of developing an MVP for a hospitality startup. Within a three-month timeframe, we developed web, iOS and Android apps:

We’ve received nearly 100% positive feedback on the product’s aesthetics, functionality, and UX/UI. We have some high-level strategic partners who’ve used our platform to do some sponsorships and low-level activations. These are sophisticated companies with large tech budgets, and they’re impressed by our product.— Mitchell Stapleton-Coory, CEO, SHOUTback

Since customer satisfaction is our biggest yardstick for success, we’re thrilled to receive such great feedback. 

Clutch.co is affiliated with two other B2B resources. You can find us among the company listings of The Manifest, a professional directory. Visual Objects similarly provides portfolio content for businesses.

These reviews only fuel our desire to continue transforming the digital landscape through top-notch products and solutions. And we’d really love to start with you. Come chat with us today!

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