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 At EB Pearls we’re an expert Sydney branding agency fully focused on creating and amplifying that vital, emotional brand connection that makes your customers love you. And keeps them loyal for years to come. Brand strategy, design, roll out and management – whatever your particular branding package needs, we’ll get your brand really working for you.


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With our team of highly experienced, creative and skilled brand consultants we’ve delivered new and rebranding transformation to some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate organisations.




Optimal branding is crucial to your bottom line

We all know how much first impressions – your overall brand footprint – count. And go on counting, at a deep level of human response, belief and commitment. That’s why unique, consistent branding – on every single communication touch-point, both externally to your audience and internally to your staff, is so important. Whether it’s your logo, website design, advertising, signage or letterhead, your brand identity should distil your personality, your function and your values. Most of all, it should inspire trust – the gateway to sales, employee morale and ongoing brand loyalty. And there’s no better Australian branding agency to get your brand image fully performing for you than EB Pearls.  


Intelligent rebranding

 Considering rebranding, but wondering if it could present a risk to your business? Think again. At EB Pearls our brand specialists can carry out an incisive brand audit of your identity, to determine what’s working, and what needs to change. We then present you with a detailed rebranding strategic plan. You may only need minor tweaks, or a complete overhaul. Either way, professional rebranding will signal that you’re fresh, up to date and changing for the better, both to your customers and to your staff. Which of course translates into ROI and higher sales. With most successful companies carrying out a partial or full rebrand every five to seven years, it’s a no brainer. The question is not whether you can afford to carry out a rebrand, but whether you can afford not to.

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Full brand strategy, implementation and management

As a full service national and Sydney branding agency, our brand specialists at EB Pearls will go all out to create and nurture a consistent brand footprint, to engage your customers at a deep emotional level. We can offer you the full gamut of outstanding branding services – from strategy, to naming, design and ongoing brand management – in a branding package to suit you.

Brilliant brand strategy

Your business is unique, and we dig deep to pinpoint and translate the essence of what you need to portray. We can start right from the beginning, working with you to define the heart of your brand personality, and its position in your industry. We then translate this into your brand roadmap for the way forward, including developing a unifying and compelling plan for all text and visual communication, both online and off.  

Inspired naming

Naming includes your brand name and your tagline, both of which should perform as powerful, hardworking assets in your growth trajectory. Whatever you need to get across – your product or industry, and/or your brand personality – we work with you to come up with the perfect name or tagline to resonate with and capture your target market.

Standout brand design

At EB Pearls we can create a core visual brand identity that your customers come to instantly recognise and positively connect with, now and into the future. This encompasses the full gamut of your communications from your logo, website and packaging design through to ads, brochures, signage, documents, presentations and stationary, both on and off-line. We’ll bring your branding design into a harmonious, captivating whole.


Perfect brand logo design

Inspired professional logo design lies at the heart of great brand identity and image. In collaboration with you, our brand strategists and in-house graphic designers will nail the ideal design to capture your market’s recognition and allegiance. Helping to set up your brand for an outstanding sales trajectory into the future.

Invaluable brand style guides

To maintain the consistency and integrity of your brand identity it’s vital that everyone in your organisation (and any third party providers) conforms to your uniform brand design, in every communication touchpoint generated. We can provide you with a clear, fully customised brand identity style guide, to ensure that your brand message stays right on track, working hard for you at every opportunity. Your brand manual will encompass such vital basics as colour palettes, logo deployment, typefaces and images.


Bold: Comprehensive brand management

At EB Pearls we work closely with many happy clients to ensure that their branding stays consistent, and in line with their overall objectives going forward. We can do the same for you – keeping an eagle eye out to ensure your brand image always remains positive and working hard for you. Plus we’re also always on the lookout for any opportunities that may come along to promote your brand identity and boost your ROI.



Need to get your brand identity on track?

There’s no time like the present. Whether you need a rebrand, or you’re starting from scratch, chat with us today to see how we can create vital connections with your target market.


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Let’s get your branding fully optimised

Not sure where to start? We can show you just what you need to capture your particular audience’s loyalty. Right from our initial consultation through to branding strategy, naming, design and management, we can customise a cost-effective branding package to suit you, whatever your business size.

Here’s our full branding package process, step by step:


  • Month 1: On-boarding, Site Review, Strategy Development

    • Baseline SEO Audit and Report
    • Website Audit
    • Keyword Research, Analysis, and Selection
    • Develop Onsite SEO Strategy
    • Develop Landing Page Optimisation Strategy
    • Develop Content Strategy
    • Develop Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Create SEO Strategy Brief
  • Month 2: Onsite Optimisation

    • Implement Overall Onsite SEO Strategy
    • Implement Landing Page Optimisation Strategy
    • Prepare to Implement Content Strategy
    • Implement Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Update SEO Strategy Brief
  • Month 3: Off-Site Optimisation

    • Review Onsite SEO
    • Review Landing Page Optimization Strategy
    • Implement Content Strategy
    • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Update SEO Strategy Brief
  • Monthly SEO Maintenance and Updates

    • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report
    • Monitor and Fine-Tune Onsite SEO
    • Continue Executing Landing Page Optimization Strategy
    • Continue Executing Content Strategy
    • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Update SEO Strategy Brief

Get started

Ready to get started with your branding identity transformation? As a leading Australian branding agency we’re looking forward to showing you how we can help your business soar.

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Our winning marketing and brand design specialists

If you want to make a huge difference to your bottom line with an expertly tailored branding strategy and design, we’ve got just the people to make it happen. Our highly experienced, creative and skilled team of brand strategists, graphic designers and managers are leaders in their field, both in Sydney and Australia wide.   

We deliver truly amazing branding results for our clients – just take a look at some of our many awards:




Looking for a brand design partner?

In business since 2005, we’re one of Australia’s leading online marketing and brand design agencies.


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Why team with EB Pearls?

With our Sydney, London and Kathmandu based teams, we can offer you the world’s best practice branding design, strategy and management, delivering you enviable client loyalty well into the future. With one-on-one, friendly service that puts you our client first.


Creative agency, huge branding experience

Creative agency, huge branding experience

EB Pearls have been creating and managing successful brand identities since 2005, and it shows. We’re a highly creative agency backed by a solid wealth of experience and know-how. Many hundreds of happy clients can attest to our brand design and strategy brilliance – we’d love you to be the next.


International team backing and support

International team backing and support

Because of our large branding teams in Sydney, Kathmandu and London, we have the added advantage of collaboration with a sizable pool of highly talented international branding strategists, designers and managers, working across a wide range of industries. So whatever your business or organisational niche, we can draw on extensive experience of the latest global best branding practice and design from around the world.

Flexibility and customisation

Flexibility and customisation

  At EB Pearls agility and individual service are our bywords. We’re entirely focused on what’s best for your particular branding needs. No matter whether you’re after consistent branding for individual projects such as packaging design, complete company branding or rebranding, or maybe brand architecture across your corporate stable of companies. Our professionals can design the ideal custom branding package for you.

Established standards and compliance

Established standards and compliance

Our branding consultants and graphic design teams may be inspired, but their brilliance is also guided by our long-established best practice guidelines, procedures and documentation. Your brand strategy, design and management will be backed by our strict QA processes, always.   

Everything you need in-house

Everything you need in-house

 As a full service online and offline marketing and design agency, EB Pearls can do it all.From websites <Link to page> to online advertising <Link to PPC page>, from logos to packaging        design, we handle every aspect of your branding process from start to finish. Seamlessly, collaboratively and efficiently, with optimal creativity, know-how and attention to detail. 


Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

At EB Pearls, our large team of brand strategists, graphic designers and managers are in-house, not outsourced as is the case with many other design and branding companies. We carefully source, hire, train and payroll all our talented employees ourselves. And with the bulk of our tech specialists based in Kathmandu, our team structure is highly cost effective. Plus with our friendly, one-on-one in-house service, you always know exactly who you’re dealing with.


What our clients think


Mitchell Stapleton-Coory
Co-founder, Bellr

EB Pearls built an iPhone and Android application with a robust venue portal for our event platform. We finished our MVP on time and on budget, and we are on our way to build strong business. Thanks to guys at EB Pearls, they paid (and continue to pay) a lot of attention on our project and helped us to make sure we become successful.


Mike Fields
National Manager, Care Careers

EB Pearls provided great clarity on the scope, timeline, and stages of developing our app. They designed and delivered an app that gives users access to a database of more than 1,000 roles. EB Pearls stuck rigidly to our production schedule with no problems in communication. They were able to deliver according to what they promised.


Roberto Peresa
Founder, Aguzzo Group

EB Pearls is approachable and accommodating specifically to our client’s exact needs and requirements. The reception and engagement with the app have been great because the technology designed is very user-friendly. I found EB Pearls to be very professional, they are always on track and our expectations have always been delivered.

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