10 Ways to Create a Profitable App for Your Business

Profitable App
EB Pearls UX team By Dannie Duong April 18th 2022

In a world where a phone can verify vaccines, apps are becoming one of the main sources of income for many businesses. But why? 

To make a profitable app, you need to follow the right steps. Without the correct content and design, your app can fail quickly. And, no one wants that when they are trying to survive in the business world…

Therefore, you’ve probably clicked on this article because you’re looking for tips to make money from your app and increase sales. Thankfully, this article has you covered. 

Keep reading and discover the secrets to turning scrolls into profit on your app.

How Can Apps Make Money?

Besides ordering food from your sofa, apps are used to manage mental health as well as organise your workload on your phone. Therefore, the competition is high.

You cannot afford to make mistakes during the development process. However, before you can begin creating your app, you need to understand what makes it profitable. 

For instance, it’s essential to learn about how clicks turn into real money. The main ways that apps can make money are through in-app purchasing, in-app advertising, and app downloads. 

All of these methods are effective for turning a profit once your app has been established. Let’s take a look at how each of these features can be beneficial to your company. 

In-App Purchases

In addition to the content on your app, you can also have an in-app purchasing feature. This is when a user can unlock new levels or buy items through the app. 

However, this type of purchase can also be in the form of subscriptions or upgraded content formats. This element can be used to keep your audience entertained, and encourage them to stay loyal to your brand. 

In-App Advertising

Apart from including items to purchase in the app, you can also have advertising. This can make money through clicks and impressions which can be increased with the right platforms. 

Most people use Google’s AdMob, Chartboost, or Millenial Media if they want to have advertising in their app. Although both in-app purchasing and in-app advertising are great ways to make money, downloads are also important.


The easiest way to make money with apps is by including a subscription fee. That way, as soon as a user downloads the app, you can make money instantly. 

However, getting people to download your app is a whole other struggle…

You need to pay attention to app development and design details to catch people’s eyes and convince them to click install on their phones. So, here’s how to make your app attractive and profitable. 

10 Ways to Make Your App Profitable and Attractive 

First of all, you should always do market research before launching an app. Understanding your target audience and what they need in terms of function, design, and overall experience is essential for making a successful app. 

1. Research Your Audience 

Even though it’s tempting to skip the research phase and go straight to the fun part of designing the colours and organising the layout, you should prioritise this part of the development phase at the beginning. 

Anyone can create an app, but to make it profitable, you’ll have to do a little digging into your target demographic by researching what is trending, who is your competition, and if your idea already exists. 

The last thing you want is to invent an app that already exists in another form. Therefore, make sure to devote a lot of time to figure out what the app market looks like. 

2. Brainstorm Ideas 

After you’ve done market research, you will have to brainstorm ideas for what your app will be and what it will offer people. Making a profit via apps is about finding a niche that people need and using it to your advantage. 

During your concept meeting, you should ask your team the following questions: 

  • What will the app do? 
  • Is there a need for this service right now? 
  • How will we make it stand out from the crowd? 
  • Can you make your brand relatable?
  • When should we launch the app? 

All of these questions are important to address during the planning process so you don’t end up with an outdated app, or you don’t have enough time to complete it before launch day. 

A great way to visualise your ideas is to create a vision board and have an inspiration room if you’ll be working in an office. Alternatively, you can set up an online space for sharing ideas with your team. 

Once you have a few ideas, you can try out the suggestions online and see if the concept appeals to people. Social media is fantastic for getting an idea of what is the most popular idea. 

If this is your first time creating an app, getting your ideas out there will help you determine the best concept so you can focus on building your app. 

3. Reach Out to Professionals 

Having an amazing idea is just one part of a long process to make your app the best it can be. That’s why getting professional help is vital to the success of your app if you’re looking to make money from it. 

Ultimately, no one is going to invest in an app that doesn’t work properly or has a bad interface. Not all of us have a degree in app development, which is why digital agencies like EB Pearls exist. 

They are there to take all your wonderful ideas and make them a reality. so the third step in making your app profitable is hiring experts to help you create the design features and implement the right software. 

If you want to compete with the very best in the app world, you need to make every detail perfect. Otherwise, users will take their business elsewhere and pick another company. 

And, you don’t want to lose out on business because your design is sloppy, right?

 4. Design Is Key 

Design is not only about making your app look attractive, it’s also a key part of turning users into buyers. As there are so many apps downloaded every minute, you need to be thinking strategically about UI/UX design. 

For example, some important things to think about are progressive disclosure, biometric authentication, contrasting colours, voice-based interaction, and face recognition. 

Using design to add a human element to your brand will make people more tempted to buy in-app purchases, or enquire about in-app marketing opportunities. 

You want to make the design as intuitive as possible without losing any crucial information that the user needs to know. 

5. Prioritise Back End Coding 

Although the design is undeniably a huge part of the development process, so is coding. At the end of the day, an app is a complex piece of technology. Therefore, the APIs, servers, and databases need to run smoothly. 

If you need help with this part of the app development, a professional can also take over this role for you. Just remember to be clear about what you’d like and the ideal timeline for the project. 

Ideally, you want to work closely with one another so you understand the technical side of your app, and how to use it for making a profit.

For instance, enhancing the speed and including micro animations are all ways coding can improve your app and make you more money. 

6. Think About Monetization Strategy 

For your app to be profitable, you need to plan your monetization strategy. There are two main strategies used to make your app profitable: direct sales and indirect sales

As we’ve already mentioned the specifics of making money with apps, let’s see how they tie in with monetization strategies.

Direct sales make their profit through downloads. In comparison, an indirect sale is when the app is free to download but you have to pay for in-app purchases. Therefore, picking between the two models will be a key part of how your brand is perceived by users. 

Now, you might be thinking, what are the advantages of each? 

Direct sales are slightly harder than indirect sales, as the user needs to invest money at the start. This can make it challenging for your brand to gain momentum if there is no one willing to buy your app. 

However, an indirect sales approach is a subtle way to convince users it’s free and offer upgrades as they use the app more. This way, you can prove your app is worth investing in.

Overall, your marketing plan will be the missing link in making either of these monetization strategies work in the long term. 

7. Don’t Underestimate Marketing 

Another common reason people don’t make money from their app is that they think uploading it to a store and waiting is the answer to success. In reality, making a profit off an app is about marketing

You can use your market research to reach out to your target audience and use SEO to boost organic traffic onto your page. But, you need to think of a coherent marketing strategy before launching your app. 

This means, you need to have a colour scheme, icon design, and slogan all created before you released the app. These details will be the thing that gets people interested in the app in the first place! 

If you don’t make your marketing appealing to your audience, no one will want to buy from the app.

8. Test Your App 

When you have all the components ready in your app, from coding to UX design, then you can start testing your app. This stage will show you if your app is ready for users or what flaws still need to be fixed. 

The good news is that you can ask friends, colleagues, or volunteers to have a go and test your app. So, it doesn’t need to cost lots of money to find out if the app functions well. 

Testing the app is important, as you don’t want an unhappy customer leaving a bad review once you release your app online. If your brand has a faulty reputation, your income will be badly affected as well. 

9. Be Open to Changes 

In some cases, your app will need updating and adjusting to fit new trends or implement recent software. It can also take a few tests before you have the perfect app, so don’t get discouraged straight away. 

Putting in the effort and making the app the best it can be is a guaranteed way to make money from it in the future. People will rather pay for quality than cheap, rushed production.

10. Hype up Your Launch Day

The last tip for making your app profitable is creating hype over your launch day. After weeks and months of working on your product, you want to show it off to the world and be confident in what you’ve created. 

Therefore, hosting a live event or vlogging your release day is a good way to get people excited about the app. If people see that you’re doing something cool and exciting, they’ll be more willing to spend money on it. 

Sometimes, the best way to increase sales is by building interest around your brand. This being said, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to show off your app! 

Are you ready to get started with creating your app? Then, browse the EB Pearls website to find out more. You can begin with a consultation and brainstorm ideas with the team. 

Before you know it, you’ll have your app ready to download on your phone…

And, you’ll be making money too! 

Make Your App Profitable and Memorable 

As you can see, designing an app is not an easy task. There are many factors involved in turning it into a profitable business. Therefore, you need to hire experts who know what they’re doing. 

Luckily, we at EB Pearls have years of experience in creating apps and launching them on different platforms. Not only do we have the skills to develop your app, but we’ve even won an award for our service.

Don’t wait for someone else to invent an app for your idea. Get in touch and make your concept a reality. 

EB Pearls UX team By Dannie Duong

With a huge amount of experience in fashion, Dannie has an inborn ability to interpret and execute user stories to produce great UX. She drives the UX evolution at EB pearls and the client products that she has designed can only end up with the top 10 charts in the app store.

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