The EB Pearls Approach

The EB Pearls approach has evolved to specialise in development resources to complement and supplement your key strengths and weaknesses. Through our innovative white-labelling development approach, you will have complete control over your project scope as well as project management.
We provide you with the right team and skill set to produce successful digital solutions. Over the past 11 years of operation we have tested and improved our business offering over the years refining our processes. During this period we have established a team of over 200 developers. 3400 projects have been produced across various industries including; retail, corporate, real estate, government and nonprofits and healthcare.
Through documentation, standardisation, continuity and security we are able to extend the EP Pearls promise to you.

Our process

Our process is straightforward: we specialise in development resources to complement and supplement your agency’s key strengths and weaknesses. You have complete control over project scope as well as project management.


We start with a planning stage where your agency and EB Pearls gain a mutual understanding of needs, capabilities, and capacities. The result is a clear understanding of the developer specialities required for successful project completion.
A contract is drawn for maximum transparency and understanding.


EB Pearls has developed a comprehensive onboarding process including non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, transitional management, and an orientation on our standardised processes.


This provides us both the opportunity to explore opportunities to work together towards mutual benefits. In order to do so it’s necessary to disclose confidential business information.
We offer our agency clients complete legal compliance through NDA’s for ease of mind.


Transitioning the work isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of moving parts so it’s not so straightforward. Change management is required to transition people and knowledge towards the new agency service delivery model.
To smoothly transition projects to EB Pearls, you are able to opt for the project by project staff leasing model, which allows you to shift development work to us incrementally to carry desired volumes forward.


Before launching your agency partnership with us we run you through our standardised processes.
Our induction program outline consists of outsourcing success drivers, including; how to ensure developers are integrated as a part of your team, managing expectations, how tasks are documented, how deadlines are set, how to request meetings and leveraging collaboration tools for effective project management.


EB Pearls will prioritise communication at every stage of the project. Regular communication, constructive feedback, reviews, questions, and revisions are all core parts of our processes. We ensure project visibility through live chat, accessibility, and clearly defined milestones.

Business structure

Our Sydney and Melbourne offices handle the infrastructure aspect of our service. These local offices are staffed with account managers who can liaise directly with you, face to face if you prefer, about your agency’s projects.
Our large development team of 200 expert developers is based in Kathmandu. With a four to five hour time zone overlap with Australia, we can guarantee availability and accessibility every working day.
Our unique local-and-overseas-office business structure is designed to strengthen project alignment and oversight.

Payment terms

EB Pearls providers a transparent pricing structure with no hidden costs and payments. 50% is paid upfront and the remaining 50% upon completion with the project-by-project engagement model. Under the staff-leasing engagement model, you simply pay upfront on a monthly basis.
We offer on-demand availability, and with no lock-in arrangements, you can enjoy as much flexibility as you choose.

With our commitment to project visibility, quality relationships, project monitoring and quality high-tech talent, EB Pearls is the white-label developer provider for your digital agency.

Proven Results