Solution Options

Hiring someone for your team

One available solution is to hire someone as an employee for your team. Having an in house staff member for development means you’ll have a team member who’s well-versed in your culture and processes. As they’re an employee, you’ll be able to access their skills at any time.
However, you need to dedicate time to making the right hires, and you need to deal with pay and labour costs, benefits, and entitlements. In addition, development personnel might be qualified only in one technology area, in which case you might find you need to expand your in-house team to make sure your in-house developers can address all customers needs.
This results in increased costs at a less scalable level.


A second option is to use freelancers or contractors to replace or supplement an in house development team. Freelancers give your organisation flexibility by allowing you to hire on demand, only when you need to fill in gaps in capacity or skill set. You can access the abundance of freelancers online and scale up or down in labour hours as necessary.
However, freelancers come with some potential pitfalls. Labour costs can be relatively high. They can be hard to control on development projects when you’re being charged by time rather than outcome. A difficult issue many people who use freelancers encounter is that quality can be variable.
Sourcing and screening freelancers project by project can also be time consuming and costly. And if you need support in the future, the original freelancer may no longer be available.

Outsourcing to a cheaper overseas agency

A third solution could be to outsource to cheaper overseas agencies. The main reason your digital agency may choose this option is the cost savings. In addition, like freelancers, you can access a range of skills from developers with expertise in different technologies.
Two large potential downfalls of outsourcing to overseas providers are quality concerns, and communication. In terms of communication, it’s not just about the potential language barrier – not being located in Australia could result in cultural issues, timezone differences, and different norms and practices.
And if you have a dispute, you might be denied from the legal actions available if you had worked with local providers.

EB Pearls

As a digital agency, you’ll have your own reasons for outsourcing, whether it’s a specific project that doesn’t warrant a full-time developer or freeing up in-house capacity to concentrate on critical growth activities.
Before outsourcing your development work, evaluate your core competencies and review your strengths and values. This helps you work out the gaps white-label development outsourcing needs to fill for you.
Reputable white-label developers like EB Pearls can offer developer resources for less cost than you could hire in-house, while delivering high value and expertise.
We can take the stress away from sourcing freelancers, working with poor-quality overseas agencies, and managing your own in-house team of developers. In helping bring your designs to life, we’ll take care of your coding for you, and we’ll take as much care with your project as you would. Our track record showcases our ability to deliver, with a range of case studies and positive testimonials from happy clients.
Our services encompass a range of development competencies. For web development and eCommerce websites, our development experts are proficient in WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. Our developers are also experts in mobile development for iOS and Android, for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Our other areas of expertise include Drupal, CodeIgniter, and ASPnet.

Why use white-label outsourcing?

For agencies the reason for outsourcing development varies. Some need outside help to manage projects that don’t warrant employing another full-time developer. For some, it’s the realisation that they are focusing too much energy on managing fulfilment tasks rather than focusing on growth critical activities.
Before farming out aspects of your business, first evaluate your core competencies. Determine your strengths and values with your core competencies and capabilities. By focusing on your research and development, talent and resources it will enable your agency to strengthen your core strengths towards being the best in your field.
Chances are you already outsource part of your business operations such as payroll and legals. Extending your outsourcing for developer white-labelling has two key benefits:
– We can provide developer resources cheaper than you can.
– We add value and expertise extending your agencies effectiveness.

Onshore vs offshore developers

Onshore developers are those located either within your business as in-house developers, or as a third party developer who is located in the same country as you. This means that their rates are going to be commensurate with the national averages of the country in which you are located. Offshore developers are those located in another country, which means the average rate will be commensurate with that country’s national average and not with your country. This can represent huge cost savings to your business when you choose a third party development partner who has both a presence in your country while operating the production offshore.

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