The EB Pearls Guarantee

EB Pearls has developed processes tools and offerings according to agency needs with a focus on quality, cost, service, communication and time. We care about your agency and it’s success, if you are successful – we are successful.

Quality assurance

EB Pearls prides itself on execution, deadlines and keeping commitments.
– Both quality relationships and quality work.
– We are committed to building mutually beneficial longterm relationships with agencies.
– Project monitoring to meet EB Pearls professional standards.
– High quality tech talent educated in our own college.
– Quality expectations are definitely relative and culturally specific.

Transparent pricing

EB Pearls has a clear and transparent pricing structure:
Project by project leasing – 50% upfront payment
– 50% payment on completion
Staff leasing – Upfront payment on a monthly basis
– No hidden costs
– Contract management
– Only use during peak periods
– No lock in arrangements
– Ability to utilise part-time resources
– On demand availability

Visibility through Project Management

– Control
– Contractual dispute resolution processes
– Local support
– Processes/ programs / milestones / setting clear expectations

Long-term support

You can hire staff to take on maintenance and support after your project. Alternatively, hiring dedicated staff means they can act as maintenance and support.
The benefit of this is you have an existing business relationship with your developers meaning project familiarity.
– Constant communication to ensure project success
– We view our business relationships through a long-term lens; strategic partnerships
– Hyperspeed deal making through familiar relationships ensuring speed to the market
– Availability for future support

Benefits of EB Pearls

Proven Results