What Can EB Pearls Do For Your Agency?

(i) Project-by-project work

Agencies with limited developers but a constant demand for irregular, ongoing, or one off projects typically prefer our project-by-project engagement model. With this arrangement you’re quoted a fixed price and not a variable hourly price. This assists with your project budgeting and planning. It’s easy for your agency to add more resources to existing projects where necessary.
Once you’re happy with our quote, you (or your client) can work directly with our developer(s) every step of the way and watch as we bring your design to life.
Our staff are dedicated, experienced, and professional. With well over 3,000 successful projects completed, they’re seasoned in working on white-label projects with digital agencies.

(ii) Dedicated staff

If you prefer, you can also lease our developers on a monthly basis. This gives you full-time access to our expert developers who can guide and assist you with your projects. Our dedicated-staff engagement model is suitable for ongoing projects where your agency needs to scale up or down rapidly to keep your project pipeline moving.
You’ll be able to access consistent resources for technical support and maintenance, and you’ll have a project manager from our organisation assigned to you so you can quickly increase or decrease capacity if needed.

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Benefits of EB Pearls