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Associate Android Tech Lead

Position Overview

Are you passionate about developing state of the art web and mobile app solutions? Do you want to work with the award winning iOS App Development team?

We are looking for an Associate Technical Lead – iOS  who will be a responsible member of the Mobile Apps development team, the largest team at EB Pearls. This position is responsible for developing projects as per clients’ requirements. Associate Technical Lead – iOS reports directly to the Project Manager and is accountable for the Project Development.


  • University Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or equivalent  in relevant stream
  • Minimum 3 years of professional work experience in iOS development

Skills Required

  • Experience with Objective-C/Swift, with full command of the Cocoa Touch Framework
  • Strong knowledge of Core Frameworks
  • Should be able to customize controls using core graphics, draw complex shapes like bezier curve, CALayer and its child classes, keyframe animations and create reusable custom transitions between screens
  • Strong knowledge of CoreData, ORM and RDBMS concepts
  • Experience with reactive programming
  • Should have knowledge of Schema designing, versioning and migration
  • Experience with RESTful web services, web socket, streams,  JSON/XML and Network protocols
  • Experience with dependency management tools like: Cocoapods, SPM, also create and distribute custom frameworks for dependency tools and commands related to Cocoapods dependency manager
  • Should be able to integrate 3rd party library manually
  • Should be able to implement git submodules to manage dependent frameworks and properly integrate dependent frameworks with git flow
  • Experience with app profiling, leaks recording and memory profiling/mapping
  • Experience with concept of threads, GCD, dispatch queues, operations, operation queue
  • Professional experience with deployment, Apple Store policies
  • Fluency with XCode, JIRA, GIT and other common software development tools
  • Strong knowledge of MVC, MVP, MVVM, Architecture component and memory management
  • Strong software engineering skills, can design and implement software projects from the ground up.
  • Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle
  • Strong coding and analytical skills
  • Good understanding of OOPS concepts, and Design patterns

Skills Preferred

  • Experience with concept of types of breakpoints and inspection, LLDB commands
  • Experience with concept of Operation Queues and dispatch queues

Job Roles and Responsibilities

Project Accountability

  • Understand the project requirements clearly
  • Generate queries in case there is any confusion in understanding the project
  • Discuss any technical challenges that might come affront while working on the project
  • Realize the project delivery date and understand the communication channels
  • Write codes to develop a quality product on time
  • Conduct first hand testing of the project tasks before submitting the tasks to the Project Manager
  • Verify the product with SRS

Adapt to EB Work Culture

  • Attend project meetings conducted by Project Manager with full preparation by studying the project documents and information
  • Follow company coding standards

Team Coordination

  • Take ownership of the project from planning to the delivery of the project.
  • Be easily approachable and flexible in work.

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Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process is designed to empower that we best fit to each other. We believe that by working with people who share the same vision, motivation, and passion creates a happy home.


1. Screening

  • We first screen your application to determine whether your profile fits against the job description.
  • Once you are short-listed you will receive a call from our people operation department to fix the appointment.

2. Interview and assignment

  • We call the shortlisted candidates for the first round of interviews which is mostly face-to-face with the People Ops team and the manager of the hiring unit.
  • Some positions might include an assignment phase customized to the job role. We provide you with a question for your home assignments and presentations.
  • Some positions include a round of team meeting with the various department/unit heads for a group discussion session.

3. Final selection

  • We make our final selection based on consolidated feedback from all interviews, by carefully comparing the candidate profile, interview performance, reference checks, immediate job requirements and cultural fit with EB Pearls.
  • If you make it to the final stage, we will make you an official job offer. Your acceptance of this offer triggers the contractual processes.

4. Onboarding

  • Based on your joining dates we will prepare an induction schedule to make sure you have everything you need to know and will provide you with the tools so that you can start doing what you do best in the new challenging environment.
  • Welcome, to EB Pearls family!

Perks and benefits

We ask our employees to give us their best, and we're committed to doing the same. It's why we offer a variety of benefits designed to empower you and your family to live life well.


Competitive salary

We ask our employees to give us their best, and we're committed to doing the same. We strive to ensure that our people get competitive remuneration as per the industry standards.


Bi-yearly performance evaluation

We have adopted the latest performance management system to ensure that our people are always on top of their game and ensure a yearly salary review on a timely basis to compliment.


Training & development program

We are obsessed with constantly developing our competencies. Hence, we determine the training needs for our people from the performance review that we conduct bi- yearly.


Social security fund

SSF is a contribution-based social security scheme, the employee contributes 11 % and the employer adds 20% of the basic salary per month( 31% of the basic salary of the employee) every month.


Awards & Recognition

We are a company led by performers and we never fail to acknowledge the exemplary performance of our people.


Paid Time Off (PTO)/ Paid Holidays

PTO refers to days when you can take time away from work while still being paid your usual salary. We provide 13 business days off as festival holidays.

What our People says

Team Member Ebpearls

I have been working with ‘EB Pearls’ for over a year now and it’s been a great journey so far. EB Pearls has provided me a perfect environment to grow my career as a software developer. I myself work with some great individuals and colleagues who are always willing to share their experience and knowledge which I really appreciate. It is a privilege to work for EB Pearls and something I am grateful for every working day.

Papish Limbu | Developer
Team Member Ebpearls

I have been working at EB Pearls from the beginning of my career. It has given me the opportunity to grow and develop professionally and personally. Within a small period of time, I have been a part of many successful projects from my time as a developer to my current position as a Solution Architect. EB has offered me an enjoyable and engaging working environment with wonderful and talented colleagues with different skills and mindsets. I would recommend working for EB Pearls because you will be valued as an asset to the team; from the top of the totem pole to the bottom, everyone is treated fairly and kindly. Joining EB Pearls has turned out to be a great decision for me.

Nikesh Maharjan | Solution Architect
Team Member Ebpearls

Working at EB Pearls is a great pleasure for me. I joined EB  as a fresh graduate and since then have had various opportunities to build up my career here. EB Pearls focuses on human capital and a strong team. Awesome colleagues and a nice place to work is what I love about EB.  I am proud to be part of the EB team.

Shobin Lamichhane | Sr. Developer
Team Member Ebpearls

Joining EB Pearls has proved to be a great step in my career. As a Project Manager, I get the opportunity to work with amazing clients to achieve their utmost goals and I get to manage a top-notch workforce. The EB workforce is really the best with no compromises in the quality of work output. I really love the open workstation set up with a friendly environment. We are more like a family rather than colleagues thus, I can say we are EB Family. Lastly, I would definitely recommend EB Pearls to anyone who is looking to join a superbly professional team as well as a group of awesome human beings.

Santosh Mohan Dhoj Joshi | Project Manager
Team Member Ebpearls

I was seeking new opportunities to excel in my career when I came across EB Pearls. Although adamant about being in a bigger, better team, I found everyday to be an adventure here, filled with learning and growing professionally as well as personally. I get to work on challenging yet exciting projects with the most inspiring and collaborative team members. Most importantly, I get to do what I love to do and that too in a great working environment. My adventures have just started and I’m enthused to explore, learn and grow here.

Reema Prajapati | Mobile Application Developer

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