NSW Education

Industry Engagement Diary is an iOS and Android mobile application that allows students to keep track of their completion hours for their vocational placements. It offers an easy for teachers to gather the required information from students efficiently and conveniently.

Peter Berry Consultancy

Peter Berry Consultancy is a leading provider of consulting services. They understand the absolute importance of the selecting, developing better talent and enhancing organisational outcomes from this. As one of their flagship services, they are the Australian distributor of the Hogan Assessment Suite.


JasonL is an office furniture specialist, offering businesses the ability to purchase furniture for their office spaces. They also offer additional services of installation/assembly, project management and space planning to businesses as well.

Department of Industry

The Department of Industry is a government department, with the aim of fostering and facilitating economic growth in industries in which Australia is globally competitive. Along with many other documents, one with great importance is the Industry Monitor Report, which is an annual publication presenting data about Australia’s most competitive industries and how they crucial they are to Australia’s future growth.


Kapstream Capital is a financial investment institution (part of the Ajanus Capital Group Company) that specialises in fixed income. Targeting a certain grade of sophisticated investors, they manage capital in innovative ways.

Heart Research Australia

Heart Research Australia is an not-for-profit organisation that raises funds to support research into the diseases of the heart, working towards effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Outcomex is an IT infrastructure integration company, specialising in different solutions, notably Cisco. They aim to help clients align their infrastructure with their business strategy by providing them solutions such as IP telephony, Data Center, Video Surveillance and Security.

Inertia Music

Inertia Music is part of a music group with the mission of collaborating with talented and passionate musicians to bring their work to a wide audience.

Branded Design

Branded Design is a Sydney based marketing agency who specialises in delivering user-centred marketing solutions in areas such as, packaging, POS, design, production and signage.

Aqua Blu Australia

Aqua Blu is one of Australia’s highest quality swimwear brands, with collections for women, men and kids. Aqua Blu boasts on-trend swimwear designs that are highly fashionable and reflect the Australian lifestyle perfectly.


Fairgrounds is a music festival organised by Handsome Tours, featuring music artists across genres, drawing crowds of many Australian music lovers.


Quint allows anyone to create their own invitations, using stunning urban design templates that can be customised to any event desired. Then, these invitations can be printed or digitally sent to friends and family.


Rotech supplies automatic doors and gates for vehicle and pedestrian access for industrial and commercial purposes.

Motion is Medicine

Motion is Medicine is a company which focuses on providing products that help alleviate mobility problems that hinder people from engaging in an active lifestyle. Their products ranges from bandages to orthopedics, catering to diverse needs.

Doltone House

Doltone House is a multi-venue function space that offers services such as dining, catering and celebration with impressive facilities and breathtaking views across centres all across Sydney.

Survey Tool

Built for the health industry, the survey tool app allows customers to share their opinions and health professionals to analyse these surveys.


Hunter Douglas is Australia’s leading provider of window dressings, with Sunway as one of its constituent companies. Sunway offers a luxurious collection of window coverings, with diverse styles and looks for a range of purposes.


MyInterview is a cutting edge product, set to revolutionise the job recruiting space. They offer companies a way to streamline their hiring process by providing a video platform to conduct interviews.

Health Synergy

Health Synergy is a company headed by a mother and daughter team, which promotes the healthy lifestyle, focusing on the importance of nutrition. Its website is an incredibly successful and popular blog, with a large number of followers in Australia and all over the world.


Help was created by a university professor who saw a gap in the market for emergency contacts and decided to make an app that could make it convenient and faster for people to call emergency services when they need it.

Dr. Comfort

Dr. Comfort is a specialty store providing therapeutic shoes, socks and inserts. Their focus on style, comfort and quality in their products means that they have provided an essential service to countless Australians with foot health issues.

Great Life

Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC) is a subsidiary of Covermore, providing information about mental health to the public. EB Pearls took on this project as the development team, collaborating with Digital Garden, a digital design agency to bring this project to fruition.


Hostmaker is a provider of Airbnb management services, such as cleaning, linen hire and check-in services. They are definitely a big player in this international market.

Metz Tiles

Proudly Australian, Metz provides beautifully designed and highly durable tiles of the finest quality. Their specialty tiles ranges cater for a wide spectrum of purposes, from commercial kitchens to swimming pools.


Tradepapers looks to make it easier for tradesmen to scan and store their documents securely, ready to send to employers as needed. In addition, these tradies will also never miss an expiration date again, reminded by the app to update their documents. No doubt, this is an app that those in trade simply cannot live without.


Hum Hospitality seeks to make running small businesses that need food produce, such as restaurants, cafes, schools and aged-care facilities. This B2B operation by acts as the buffer between these businesses and the suppliers.


Klaylife makes beaded chandeliers, handmade by local South African women. Their unique artisanship create beautiful chandeliers that decorate high-class venues all around the world.

Kate Farms

Devirra Group works with health and wellness partner businesses to bring their beneficial products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Inspired by their daughter, founders Richard and Michelle created organic, vegan and healthy meal-replacement drinks for the Australian market.


EB Pearls was to provide a complete branding overhaul. Along with this, we provided web design and web development services to build a beautiful and user-friendly responsive website.

Bondi Wash

BONDI WASH is a range of natural products for the home that combine the anti-bacterial power and fragrance of unique Australian bush oils with a luxurious mix of other essential oils and natural ingredients to create truly distinctive products that are good for you, the planet and your home. The wonderful Australian bush oils and natural ingredients make BONDI WASH products gentle but effective.

Tobias Partners

Tobias Partners are a team of stellar architects based in Sydney, delivering creative designs worthy of the most prestigious accolades in some of Australia’s most premier design publications.

Trace Architects

Trace Architects prides itself as an architectural firm passionate about delivering unique and creative designs for a wide range of building projects.

Rejuv Australia

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia are incredibly popular health clinics that provide various rejuvenation and beauty treatments for Sydney custodians.

Do Matcha

Devirra Group works with health and wellness partner businesses to bring their beneficial products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Do Matcha is one of these partners, which sells special Japanese tea, with great health benefits and a long heritage.

Take 5 Magazine

Take5 is a magazine published by Bauer Media, targeting the Australian women market, with short stories, puzzles, competitions and coupons.