Aguzzo Group

Sydney design awards Gold winner for business operation.

Project Overview

Having grown weary of the ineffective and often times unreliable paper-based method of scheduling and logging shifts. The Aguzzo group seeked out EB Pearls to create a mobile employee management app that would allow their contractors and brand ambassadors to remotely log hours all the while providing admins the ability to review performance and create rosters.  And by automating various mundane aspects of Employee management that app also aims to boost productivity of it’s users.

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Representing, Collecting and Analysing Data

EB Pearls implemented a reliable system where data inputed into the app was sent to and analysed at the back-en. From a technical stand point, it was important to standardise and filter the shift data being sent through the app to ensure the reliable transmission of information. Data needed to be stored at the backend in a secure database for both archival and ease of retrieval purposes.



UX design for all types of users

Although the Aguzzo app is centred around the representation of data it was important UX aspect during design and development. EB Pearls created a front end UI that was efficient and to the point, allowing for employees to easily and quickly log shift data. The last thing the Aguzzo group wanted was for employees to waste too much time using the app. On the other side of things,  EB Pearls also paid special attention to the user experience in the back end. As the targeted user of the backend, the employer, was not necessarily a technical person, it was important to make the Back-end user friendly without obscuring any features.


Final Thoughts

The Aguzzo app has recently won gold in the Sydney Design Award. Through the creation of the Aguzzo app EB Pearls has helped the Aguzzo group solve recurring management problem. EB Pearls designed an effective solution that can be used by all members in the company.


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