Conveyonline.com.au is a conveyancing firm who offer conveyancing services exclusively online to clients. Their unique operation offers services that are affordable, high quality and convenient. Leveraging their vast experience, Conveyonline.com.au is a modern approach to a complicated process.

Project Overview

Conveyonline.com.au was after a new rebrand, in addition to an expansion of their service offering to include an online client portal, called My Matter Tracker. In addition to providing the development of the front-facing website, EB Pearls designed and developed the complex client portal that would allow clients to keep updated with their own accounts with Conveyonline.com.au.

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User Experience

EB Pearls and Conveyonline.com.au closely collaborated to refine the user journey. EB Pearls suggested improvements and feedback on the existing flow that Conveyonline.com.au had put together. The finished product is a seamless and intuitive experience for users on the platform.


One Convenient Location

Clients are able to manage and track the progress of their account with Conveyonline.com.au transparently and with ease. Users are able to see the exact step their matter is on, the tasks they need to perform to move the process along and access their documents.


Intuitive Backend Management of Clients

From the technical side, EB Pearls also had to consider ease of use for Conveyonline.com.au themselves. Given the volume and frequency of updates to the platform they need to make, we needed to ensure it was convenient to do. Utilising WordPress’ powerful platform, EB Pearls created a management system that suited Conveyonline.com.au’s needs perfectly.



EB Pearls thoroughly enjoys working with clients who revolutionise existing industries with innovative ideas. Conveyonline.com.au is a great example of one such client. Leveraging technology, they are able to exemplify their tenet of convenience and quality, and offer customers the most seamless service.

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