Fairgrounds is a music festival organised by Handsome Tours, featuring music artists across genres, drawing crowds of many Australian music lovers.

Project Overview

To advertise their event, Handsome Tours required a website that would display information about the festival, in a way that is eye catching and engaging to a younger 20-something audience. In addition, there was also the requirement of creating a platform to allow festival goers to book their tickets.

Fairgrounds’ website serves as promotional opportunity for the festival. As a result, it is of great importance to present information clearly and in an engaging way. This means including artists, event details and activities.

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Crowd Management

Fairgrounds is definitely an incredibly popular festivals, so EB Pearls had to keep in mind the fact that there may be heavy traffic coming to the website. We worked to make sure that the website could take this capacity.

API Integration: To give users the full picture, EB Pearls integrated artists’ Spotify playlists into the website.


Stunning User Interface

Fairgrounds website definitely employs colour well to draw in visitors to the site. In addition to this, creating an intuitive way to navigate the website for the necessary information was of utmost importance and was definitely achieved.



As one of the most popular music festivals in Australia, Fairgrounds was definitely a great client to work with, presenting challenges in demographic targeting and crowd control, that EB Pearls was able to take on to create an engaging website.


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