Project Overview

Help was created by a university professor who saw a gap in the market for emergency contacts and decided to make an app that could make it convenient and faster for people to call emergency services when they need it.

Help is an incredibly important app that has the potential to save lives. It provides users the emergency numbers for different countries based on the person’s location, so that they are able to call the appropriate services.

Help shows the emergency numbers of the country that the person is currently in, allowing them to call this number if they need to. This makes it incredibly fast to call the numbers if you are in need of help.

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GPS Technology Integration: The app uses the person’s current GPS location to determine their region and thus, feeds them the current information regarding emergency services.

Call Integration: So that there is no delay in situations of high stress, Help! also has direct call integration from within the app, making it the fastest way to call for help.

Constantly Improving: There is also functionality that allows users to suggest contact numbers if they are missing from the database. These numbers are then confirmed and added by the admin.

Stunning User Interface: No doubt that easy navigation is of an utmost importance for this app. It has to be very intuitive to find the information that is required in a high stress environment.



It is certain that is app will have immense impact in the mobile app space. It is incredible that something like this hasn’t been created yet, since it is definitely something that will save lives.


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