Law Society of NSW Journal

The Law Society of NSW is the voice of more than 30,000 solicitors across the state.

The Law Society’s flagship publication is LSJ

a monthly magazine providing essential legal updates, features, and articles on health and wellbeing. Initially, the content was only accessible to the reader as a hardcopy magazine. 

Our brief was to create a modern, engaging and interactive website that would grow readership and brand awareness.

– User experience
– User interface design
– Website development
– Deployment
– Maintenance and Support

EB Pearls’ challenge was to modernise and design a digital experience of LSJ in a way that would position the publication as a trusted, authoritative source of multimedia content.


Kicking off with a project workshop, we sought to understand LSJ’s needs and align our thinking. Working together with LSJ we sought to better understand our audiences, their goals and the context behind visiting in order to create a solution that best met user needs.


During the design phase, EB Pearls worked closely with LSJ to ensure our solution was fully scalable and robust enough to cater to the various types of content.


Through this collaborative approach, we were able to rapidly validate design ideas for LSJ by using prototypes ensuring that we designed with users in mind.

Our design team worked iteratively throughout the project to manifest a website that would curate content to individual users by integrating a single sign-on process. The resulted in a flowing user experience for people searching for and reading content.

  • Allowed content to be curated to individual users and deliver a customised and streamlined feed to users through an facilitated by an integrated single-sign-on process
  • Allowing users to easily search through a plethora of tagged content and specific articles
  • Modern and sleek design with the best practices of information architecture considered

By collaboratively working with LSJ, the EB Pearls team ensured that by creating a modern, intuitive and engaging website for LSJ, we would help grow an already successful LSJ to appeal to a wider audience.

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