MyInterview is a cutting edge product, set to revolutionise the job recruiting space. They offer companies a way to streamline their hiring process by providing a video platform to conduct interviews.

Project Overview

EB Pearls was approached by the student entrepreneurs to assist in the creation of their website and app. However, EB Pearls did not simply design and develop this project, over delivering in service.

EB Pearls provided them ongoing and invaluable advice about how to approach their startup, allowing them to propel themselves to success in this space.

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Platform to record and watch videos

At the core of MyInterview is the ability to perform video based recruitment via the Internet. This means providing a platform where employers can set up interview questions and applicants can record themselves. Using tools such as Wowza and HDFVR, EB Pearls was able to integrate both recording and playback options on their web and mobile application. As a result, users received a customised video experience, based on their role.


Subscription-based Pricing

MyInterview’s monetisation strategy is based on a subscription model. They were able to implement this ecommerce system with the help of EB Pearls.


Stunning User Interface Design

Following the theme of efficiency, EB Pearls made sure that the design of the website was as intuitive as possible so that all users could navigate with ease. In addition, to ensure an enjoyable experience, the aesthetics of the website are modern and professional, again, in line with the MyInterview brand.



EB Pearls is proud to be an integral part of the establishment of this business, delivering a beautiful product and providing strategic advice. The concept surrounding MyInterview is definitely one that is innovative. It is definitely a company to watch in the coming years as they flourish as a next generation technological product.


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