Newscorp Australia

News Corp Australia is Australia’s no.1 media company across all platforms – renowned for providing the latest news to their readers in a quick and convenient format.

As the No.1 destination for news, lifestyle, sport and business, News Corp Australia plays a key role in the lives of readers. 

Wanting to ensure their content was presented in a way that showcased greatness, EB Pearls was tasked to work closely with News Corp Australia in order to define and design the platform that would deliver relevant, user-specific content to targeted audiences.

– User experience
– User interface design
– Website development
– Deployment
– Maintenance and Support

How do we structure the process of posting market specific content that will meet the needs of brands and effectively target readers across various platforms and locations?


Like all our engagements, we started with a structured conversation in the form of a project kick-off workshop, whereas a team we worked with News Corp to gain an understanding of considerations and unknowns so that the project was well informed.

In a series of engaging, participatory co-design workshops and feedback sessions – we collaborated with News Corp to develop and refine the key concepts for the website.


Through this collaborative approach, we were able to rapidly validate ideas, using prototypes to ensure we designed to the needs of News Corp users.  

This collaborative approach manifested in a website with a flowing user experience allowing brands to easily post market-specific content across multiple media formats that would be curated to their specific target audiences.

  • Multi-level filtering that relies on user-specific input. This allowed users to search for the content they want and made it easier for advertisers to target content towards a highly specific target audience
  • Geolocation-based data display on their homepage to deliver content and stats to the readers that are tailored to their specific location

By working closely with the News Corp Team, we ensured that the news corp website was designed in such a way that it would provide an optimal user experience and a high degree of usability and accessibility for brands to deliver market-specific content for readers across all platforms.

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