Peter Berry Consultancy

Peter Berry Consultancy is a leading provider of consulting services. They understand the absolute importance of the selecting, developing better talent and enhancing organisational outcomes from this. As one of their flagship services, they are the Australian distributor of the Hogan Assessment Suite.

Project Overview

Peter Berry’s site was in need of an update, having previously used an old template that no longer suited their growing business and key offerings. As such, EB Pearls was tasked with the goal of reorganising and modernising their website, carrying a professional tone.

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User Experience

There was quite a large list of content that was required to be included on the Peter Berry site. Therefore, it was important that we crafted a user journey throughout the site that was intuitive and let users find the information they need with ease. EB Pearls was able to present some unique ways of navigation to suit the needs of PBC, whilst not compromising on user experience.


Resource Organisation & Management

As a solutions based business, PBC offers a myriad of useful resources for their interested and current clients through their website. However, the resource classification required technical finesse, since categorisation had additional levels of complexity. EB Pearls was able to create a system that effectively manage these resources from both a front-end user and administration perspective.


Workshop Bookings & Educational Store

The website features a section wherein users can secure their spots in exclusive Peter Berry delivered workshops and events. In tandem, manuals and books are also on offer for sale on the site. EB Pearls was able to set up this storefront with WordPress’ WooCommerce to create a storefront to match PBC’s requirements.



The newly launched website is now an excellent reflection of PBC’s sophistication and professionalism. The modern look of the website, in addition to the vast presentation of resources and information, definitely portrays PBC as one of Australia’s premier consultancy firms.


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