Pocket Fuel

Designing an app that engages users through daily blog posts.

Project Overview

The Pocket Fuel app involved the creation of a mobile platform that helped share the Christian Faith  across the world . The creators of Pocket Fuel, Practice Media,  came to EB Pearls with the desire to help others practice their devotion to the Christian Faith by creating blog posts in the form of “daily devotionals” for the app’s users.  A core idea of this app was to integrate the content of this app into the daily lives of it’s users.

Pocket Fuel employs modern design principles and strategies to promote user engagement and retention, all the while giving Practice Media full control over the custom designed content that is served to  users.

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A blog system in the form of  “Daily Devotions”. User’s receive daily posts that drip feed content in a way as to promote a continued user experience and allow the app to be integrated into the lives of it’s users. Subtle push notifications were used to allow user’s set an ideal time to read each daily post.

The easy saving and sharing of content. User’s can save and bookmark their favourite devotionals for further reading and share devotionals with friends and others, to create a feeling of community all the while drawing more users to the app.


An Aesthetic tailored for the App. User engagement was achieved by engineering a design that effectively conveyed it’s content but at the same time avoided seeming to ‘clinical’ in appearance. EB Pearls created an aesthetic that gives a deep personal feel that is appropriate for the deeply spiritual subject that App is built around.



Through elegance of design and simplicity of use, Pocket Fuel is an app that isolates no particular audience. An App created around a blog-like system that promotes continued user engagement and retention.


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