Hunter Douglas is Australia’s leading provider of window dressings, with Sunway as one of its constituent companies. Sunway offers a luxurious collection of window coverings, with diverse styles and looks for a range of purposes.

Project Overview

The Sunway application is used to assist retailers in selling Sunway window coverings to customers. Availability on devices was very important, so an iPhone, iPad and Android application was designed and developed.

The application allows retailers to identify the window coverings that fit a customer’s requirements, creating a simplified process for selling to customers.

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Customisable Window Covering Calculator: Sunway window coverings are made for a versatile range of windows, with various functionalities and designs. Sunway’s app enables users to find the perfect one for a customer’s needs, with a tap of a finger. With customised filtering options, retailers and customers are able to view the variety of options of window coverings matched according to their requirements.

Real Time Selling: The Sunway app streamlines the selling process for retailers by giving them a quick and intuitive way to assist customers to the best of their abilities through tailored and accurate options. By doing so, Sunway retailers mitigate confusion and facilitate easy decision making for the customer.


Intuitive User Experience Design: The app’s goal is to provide a handy resource for retailers to cater for the variety of needs customers may have. Therefore, it was imperative to ensure that it was as easy to user as possible. EB Pearls strategists collaborated with Hunter Douglas to ensure that the app met both business and user goals.

Stunning Interface Design: Coupled with the practical user experience, the interface itself is also enjoyable to use. The app’s modern and polished look aligns with the Sunway and Hunter Douglas brand. The app’s design also accommodates for the incorporation of photographs, so that users can easily identify blinds.



Technical Expertise in iOS and Android Development: Multi-layered filtering was an imperative part of the project, since the calculator relied on this advanced functionality to customise and tailor the results to the exact requirements of the consumer. However, our team was able to translate this vision to reality with their technical abilities.



The Sunway app is a very effective tool that solves the business inefficiency caused from traditional catalogue look-up, especially if there are many different criteria to choosing the correct window covering. This app has allowed Sunway to improve the selling process for both retailer and customer, by addressing their uniques needs directly.

  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • API development

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