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Social media ads. These days if your business isn’t utilising them, you’re nearly always missing out. It’s as simple as that. With Facebook and Instagram boasting more than 1.6 billion   users worldwide, many of them tuning in many times a day, expertly targeted paid social media is extraordinarily cost effective, flexible, and successful. And as a leading Australian social media advertising agency EB Pearls is in the thick of it.

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With our team of long experienced and astute paid social experts, we’ve run some of the best  social media advertising campaigns in Australia. Including for a huge range of start-ups, small and established businesses and large corporations. Including both B2C and B2B companies.



Expert, cost-effective social media advertising campaigns

With organic marketing reach markedly declining on Facebook and other platforms, paid social  media is becoming increasingly important to drive traffic, awareness, engagement, leads and of course sales. But with the explosion of ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat – and the corresponding increased bidding competition – it’s all too easy to throw you money down the drain if you’re not an expert. Vital questions such as knowing where to start, which platform to choose, how much to spend, type of content, posting frequency and your exact market demographic can be extremely difficult to pinpoint correctly. That’s where EB Pearls comes in. Whatever size your business or organisation we’ll ideally match your targeted audience with precisely the right platforms, content and timings, to produce measurable and truly impressive results. And so much more cost effectively than if you’d tried to do it yourself.

Targeted, creative social media ads – how we do it

First we get to know your existing and potential customer base, inside out. Including their social media habits, and, most importantly what platforms they’re likely to use. For example, Snapchat is a magnet to teens, LinkedIn is great for business to business leads, etc. The choice of channels is critical, and will also inform future marketing approaches. As is, of course, our exact targeting of your audience (more below). Once your campaign is up and running, we constantly monitor which ads do better than others. The better performers can be repackaged to look brand new again, and attract just as much attention as the first time around. And lastly we continuously track the success of your campaign, measuring analytics data such as advertising metrics, page-level metrics, engagement rate, total page ‘likes’ and other valuable information.  


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Professional audience scaling is vital

Successful social media advertising is first and foremost about finding and reaching your target audience. Here, for example, is a rundown of how we scale your marketing on that most popular of social media platforms, Facebook.


We use your customer database to upload phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook user IDs and app user IDs. We can then match this information to as many user profiles as possible. 


Find look alikes

Now we have a picture of your customer database, we use Facebook to find similar users. This opens up a whole new set of potential customers.



This especially, of course, applies to local businesses. We specifically target your relevant region, city, state or country.

Age, gender and language

Unless you’re targeting everyone from 1 to 91, we hone in on the right age, gender and native language of your audience on Facebook.

Advanced targeting

We use detailed targeting to pinpoint new customers, including people who haven’t heard of your business. This involves precise use of demographics, interests, behaviours and other categories.


Constant monitoring

Once your campaign gets under way we’re continuously testing the data to see what works best. This includes rigorous ongoing analysis of ad copy, images, your landing pages and of course your audience segments. We’re quickly able to make any necessary tweaks, keeping your campaign fully optimised. 

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Let’s create an agile, highly successful paid social campaign for you

Your social media ad campaign will be a thorough, ongoing process. We’ll quickly respond to what works, and move on fast from what doesn’t. So we anticipate a minimum of two months from your initial consultation to your launch date. After that we constantly monitor and adjust, presenting reports to you on a monthly basis.

Here’s our projected schedule:

Week 1:  Research and development

Week 2:  Campaign creation and launch

Ongoing:  Monitoring, analytics and adjustment

  • Month 1: On-boarding, Site Review, Strategy Development

    • Baseline SEO Audit and Report
    • Website Audit
    • Keyword Research, Analysis, and Selection
    • Develop Onsite SEO Strategy
    • Develop Landing Page Optimisation Strategy
    • Develop Content Strategy
    • Develop Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Create SEO Strategy Brief
  • Month 2: Onsite Optimisation

    • Implement Overall Onsite SEO Strategy
    • Implement Landing Page Optimisation Strategy
    • Prepare to Implement Content Strategy
    • Implement Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Update SEO Strategy Brief
  • Month 3: Off-Site Optimisation

    • Review Onsite SEO
    • Review Landing Page Optimization Strategy
    • Implement Content Strategy
    • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Update SEO Strategy Brief
  • Monthly SEO Maintenance and Updates

    • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report
    • Monitor and Fine-Tune Onsite SEO
    • Continue Executing Landing Page Optimization Strategy
    • Continue Executing Content Strategy
    • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
    • Update SEO Strategy Brief

Is social media advertising cost effective?

Because of paid social’s unique ability to target your current and potential market, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ But only if it’s done correctly, by people who truly know social media advertising, otherwise you’re likely to waste a lot of money on poor performing ads. Your campaign must be strategic with your spend, content, targeting schedule,  and of course audience. That’s why partnering with EB Pearls for your paid social campaign is an extraordinarily cost effective investment.By the way, in case you didn’t know, Facebook charges for ads in two different ways:

Cost per click

Cost per 1,000 ad views

The rate will depend on the size of your company.


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Our winning paid social specialists

If you want to make a big difference to your bottom line with an expertly tailored social media advertising campaign, we’ve got just the people to make it happen. Our highly experienced, creative and skilled team of media strategists, creatives and managers are leaders in their field, both in Sydney and Australia wide.   

We deliver outstanding social media ad results for our clients – just take a look at some of our many awards:


Looking for the best advertising using social media?

In business long before the advent of paid social, we’re one of Australia’s leading digital and social media advertising agencies.


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Why team with EB Pearls?

  With our Sydney, London and Kathmandu based teams, we can offer you global best practice paid social advertising, delivering you enviable market conversion and loyalty well into the future. And all with highly personalised, friendly service that puts you our client first.

Our long experience

Our long experience

EB Pearls have been creating and managing successful social media ad campaigns since paid social earliest days, and it shows. We work with a vast range of businesses and organisations – from mum-and-dad concerns through to not-for-profits and multinational corporations. Always matching the ideal social media platform to your particular circumstances


 International backing and support

International backing and support

Because of our large teams in Sydney, Kathmandu and London, we have the added advantage of collaboration with a sizable pool of highly accomplished international media strategists, designers, writers and managers, working across a wide spectrum of industries. So whatever your business or organisational niche, we can draw on extensive experience of the latest global paid social practice, content and design from around the world.

 Whole team integration

Whole team integration

At EB Pearls we handle it all – both the creative and tech sides of digital media. So if your all-important landing page needs design, content and optimisation tweaks <Link to web page>, for example, we do it all in-house. Which gives us the added advantage of dynamic and diversely talented collaboration, and you the comfort of knowing exactly who you’re working with. 




Right from your initial consultation with our EB Pearls strategists, we guarantee you clarity and transparency, every step of the way. This includes creative and content recommendations, market and platform targeting analysis, budget and scheduling proposals, analytics and tracking, and recommendations for which platforms will best suit your business..

Creating your sales funnel

Creating your sales funnel

As a full service digital agency we also keep an eye on your campaign’s big picture. Including your all-important sales funnel, to keep customers moving steadily along the steps from awareness and engagement through to your desired end result. This can include making sure your specific landing pages for each stage of your funnel are fully optimised.

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

At EB Pearls our large team of digital strategists, graphic designers and managers are in-house, not outsourced as is the case with many other social media companies. We carefully source, hire, train and payroll all our talented employees ourselves. And with the bulk of our tech specialists based in Kathmandu, our team structure is highly cost effective. Plus with our friendly, one-on-one in-house service, you always know exactly who you’re dealing with.


What our clients think


Mitchell Stapleton-Coory
Co-founder, Bellr

EB Pearls built an iPhone and Android application with a robust venue portal for our event platform. We finished our MVP on time and on budget, and we are on our way to build strong business. Thanks to guys at EB Pearls, they paid (and continue to pay) a lot of attention on our project and helped us to make sure we become successful.


Mike Fields
National Manager, Care Careers

EB Pearls provided great clarity on the scope, timeline, and stages of developing our app. They designed and delivered an app that gives users access to a database of more than 1,000 roles. EB Pearls stuck rigidly to our production schedule with no problems in communication. They were able to deliver according to what they promised.


Roberto Peresa
Founder, Aguzzo Group

EB Pearls is approachable and accommodating specifically to our client’s exact needs and requirements. The reception and engagement with the app have been great because the technology designed is very user-friendly. I found EB Pearls to be very professional, they are always on track and our expectations have always been delivered.

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