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5 Ways Agencies Can Deliver More Value to Clients

Your clients are incredibly important, they are the backbone of your business, without them you have no business. This means that it is incredibly important to make sure that they are happy with your service. Offering seamless service means less stress for you and the possibility of future business from them again or referrals. To keep them coming, here are some things you can do to offer more to your clients!


Underpromise and Overdeliver


This classic sales line is a classic for a reason, it makes your clients absolutely fall in love with you, but, it is definitely easier said than done. You definitely won’t be able to overdeliver for your client every time. But if you’re always aiming for simple satisfaction, you will only ever achieve just that, or you’ll perform under the belt. Making your goal overachievement, means you’ll produce over or perfectly, but never mediocre.


Always make sure they’re in the loop


The importance of communication can not be understated. Clients are putting their brand in your hands, trusting you to deliver more for their business. They will always want to know how their project is doing. Thus, it is very important to always be available to answer calls or emails. Always let them know of different milestone progress. Something like a weekly report definitely goes a long way. Clients with peace of mind, means you have peace of mind.


Don’t be late


“Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable.”

Make sure you stick to the timeline you give to your client (or be ahead of schedule). Handing in milestones late means that clients lose faith in you, and if you’re late enough times, you will definitely be out of favour. You lose a lot if this happens:

  • Ability to take on future projects they want you to
  • Referral work from client’s connections
  • Positive testimonial for featuring to future clients


To make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure you keep track of all client projects, don’t drop the ball on any. You may also want to include some extra ‘padding time’ to any time estimations your give, so allow for any problems that arise. If you finish early, you’ve overdelivered and your clients are even happier!


Make sure your employees are happy too


Your employees are the ones who are doing the work for the clients. In many cases, they are interacting directly with your clients, representing your company. Making sure that employees are satisfied doing their work, deriving value from their jobs, this will translate to the client. It is amazing how far good client relations and services will go in terms of bolstering your business.


Take their projects further


You might be able to deliver stunning designs to your clients, but they have to take this design to some other agency to develop them. Why not give them this option directly from you? Outsourcing technical work has become a popular move digital agencies are making to deliver more to their clients. There are many benefits, including, but not limited to lower cost, versatile skills, time-saving and high quality.


Deliver more to your clients by taking your business to the next level by providing development services without having to hire anyone. Contact one of EB Pearls’ representatives here to find out more about how!


Why Globalisation Is Important for Digital Agencies

If there’s one business trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it’s globalisation. Thanks to technology, we no longer live in a self-contained environment. Nowadays if an organisation isn’t willing or ready to diversify and expand itself beyond its country’s borders, it will simply be left behind.

If there’s one industry that lends itself most easily to globalisation, it’s web design and development. Digital agencies capable of working with businesses around the world are most likely to succeed – after all, in an industry where staying abreast of the cutting edge of technology is key, it makes sense that such technology would also enable thinking on a global scale.

app development for businesses

With this global thinking comes networking and expansion previously unheard of only one or two generations ago. While in past generations it was necessary to have many satellite offices if a company expanded on a global scale – not to mention travel expenses and other unwieldy costs – nowadays attending a meeting or assisting a client halfway around the world is as easy as connecting via the web.

Unlike organisations which produce and/or sell physical products and as a result are concerned with the logistics therein, web design and development doesn’t involve such costly or complicated concerns. What it does involve, however, is an understanding of world culture and how a message can best be conveyed depending upon a website’s intended audience. So if a company looks to expand globally, with that expansion must come global experience and continual growth in understanding and relating to the rest of the world.

The way globalisation works in a company like EB Pearls results in a “best of both worlds” scenario for the customer. There’s the hands-on, face-to-face interaction provided by our local team, and the skills and technical prowess of our off-site global team members all working in tandem in order to provide the best possible outcome for our customers. This global way of thinking means that projects aren’t hindered by sheltered or boxed-in thinking; rather, a wider array of options and creative solutions are available.

In the modern business environment, globalisation isn’t a choice – it’s a necessity. But when it comes to the web design and development industry, luckily, globalisation is a natural byproduct of the very technology upon which it depends.