Building Your Website & Launching It

Taking your website from design completion to launch requires hosting. Website hosting in simple terms means finding an apartment where your website will live. Your hosting service provides a server from which your website is loaded for your visitors and customers. Depending on your traffic and bandwidth needs, you might need a shared hosting service, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting. You’ll want to understand the difference between each option to make the right choice for your website. Consider bandwidth, programming services or languages, and uptime guarantees when choosing a hosting plan and provider.

Once hosting has been arranged, your development team is ready to turn static images into dynamic pages. Check your content structure is finalised, and familiarise yourself with concepts like frontend development, backend development, and modular content so you can provide useful feedback to your development team.

As you get ready to launch, make sure you’re taking advantage of the key optimisation measures and considerations. Your website should reflect SEO principles so your developers can hand off your website to your SEO consultants, who can assist with generating more traffic. Get to know concepts like organic vs. paid traffic.

Once you’ve launched, continue supporting your website goals by analysing your visitor analytics and by applying an effective marketing strategy.

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