Business Goals & Customer Research

Your website is more than a digital pamphlet. To maximise the potential of your website for revenue generation, you need to work out your business goals and objectives. Rank your goals. Then determine your top objective and call-to-action, and reinforce this throughout your whole site.

After defining your goals, you can then work with web developers to integrate analysis tools into your website. With web analysis tools and a clear baseline, you can track progress to continually improve the performance of your website.

Doing customer research is a critical component of building an effective website. After all, servicing your customers’ goals is the driving factor behind your business goals. So, what do your customers want to see? Customer research should include a current-website audit, which should cover vanity vs. actionable metrics, as well as a consideration of the user-friendliness and the flow of information on your current website.

If you don’t have a website at the moment, you’ll want to perform a customer base analysis to cover customer personas – to identify and categorise them. In all, your customer research will give you a clear picture of your customer segments(s), which will inform your website design and marketing strategies.

As you proceed with the web-design process, keep a few things in mind. Remember your website is an opportunity to make a great first impression to prospective customers. Working with a complete solution provider like EB Pearls is the best way to end up with a result-driven, efficient website.

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