The essential guide to web design for businesses

Whether you’re looking to build a brand new website or need a refresh on an old one, you’re probably aware of the critical role web design plays in capturing leads and converting your web visitors. Designing an effective website isn’t only about attractive graphics and useful content. Planning must go into the design process, so the website supports your business goals and customer segment.

The entire web-design process incorporates four key elements:

Your business goals and customer research

Design and user experience

Building and launching your site

Analysing data and growing your business

Each proceeding step is based on your prioritised business goals and the customer research you’ve done, so you’ll want to get these right from the outset.

User-friendliness and best-practice user experience (UX) principles can assist with things like SEO, conversions, and branding. Once you have the design finalised, you can proceed to host and launch. Growing your business through capturing, analysing, applying your data, as well as learning how to convert visitors into customers – is another essential stage in the process. It’s critical because that’s how you fully leverage a well-designed website.

So whether you’re looking to refresh your old website or start a new one – get to know the top considerations in each step. This will set you up to pick a great design and development team and give them useful feedback along the way. Explore these resources so you can start with a clear understanding of the entire process.



  1. Business Goals & Customer Research
  2. From the Bottom Up: Design & UX
  3. Building Your Website & Launching It
  4. Analyse Your Data & Grow Your Business
  5. It’s Time To Start Building Online



web design for businesses

Chapter 1
Business Goals & Customer Research