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The web side of your business takes a lot of work to maintain, even after you’ve set up everything. As you scale, it is difficult to do this maintenance without a technical employee. EB Pearls can be your perfect technical partner.


Transparency is of Utmost Importance

We know how important analytics are since It’s really no use if you can’t quantitatively see if your investment in EB Pearls is worth it. We’ll be providing comprehensive reporting on what improvements have been made and with this information, you can really understand where your business is heading.

We let you know what we are working on and believe in accountability at every step. We are constantly improving our workflow, and will work tirelessly to get the results you want.


Cut Costs & Save Money

Without dedicated maintenance, it becomes more difficult to keep your web systems running at its optimal.  Slow performance and security issues may end up costing more to fix and possibly compromising business integrity.
Hiring a dedicated developer will definitely mean you can rest easy with a secure and fast web systems running at their optimum.

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Dedicated Staff Benefits

Our development all happens in Nepal, all well-trained EB Pearls programmers. This means you’ll really be getting quality maintenance you could get on shore, at a lower cost. It also means you’re not taking on the risks of outsourcing to an overseas agency.
Under this model, you’ll since you’ll have direct access to the developer. You can dictate and manage what they’ll work on. They’ll essentially be your in-house developer, without the hefty price tag.

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