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Content is king. High-quality content is the foundation for a successful online marketing strategy. With over 15 years of experience, EB Pearls content strategist will help you enhance your customer base, loyalty – and conversions.


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Our content strategy workshops deliver invaluable insights

To perform an optimal digital content audit and collaborate on your best SEO content strategy going forward, we recommend our highly evolved content strategy workshop. Here’s an outline of our process to find the best digital content distribution strategy for conversion brilliance:

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Not sure how it all applies to your particular business? We can show you how best to harness SEO to make you fully discoverable online, seamlessly and profitably. Right from our initial consultation through to your demonstrable rise through the Google rankings, we partner with you to make you a go-to authority in your niche, boosting your sales and your overall bottom line.


On-boarding, site review

  • Baseline SEO audit and report
  • Website audit
  • Keyword research, analysis and selection
Ux & Ui Design Yellow

Strategy development

  • Develop onsite SEO strategy 
  • Develop landing page optimisation strategy
  • Develop content strategy
  • Develop website authority and link building strategy
  • Create SEO strategy brief
Development Yellow

Onsite optimization

  • Implement the overall onsite SEO strategy
  • Implement a landing page optimization strategy
  • Prepare to implement content strategy
  • Implement website authority and link-building strategy
  • Update SEO strategy brief
Launch Yellow

Off-site optimization

  • Review onsite SEO
  • Review landing page optimisation strategy 
  • Implement content strategy
  • Continue executing website authority and link-building strategy
  • Update SEO strategy brief
Scale Yellow

Monthly SEO maintenance and updates

  • Monthly SEO audit and key metrics report
  • Monitor and fine-tune onsite SEO
  • Continue executing landing page optimisation strategy
  • Continue executing website authority and link building strategy
  • Update SEO strategy brief

Looking for a digital marketing partner?

With over 15 years in business, we’re one of Australia’s leading online marketing and SEO agencies.

Why team with EB Pearls?

With our Sydney and Kathmandu based teams, we can offer you world’s best practice content writing and strategy, delivering you enviable customer engagement and sales. All with highly personalised, friendly service that puts you first.


Creative agency, huge experience

Delivering highly successful online content writing services since 2008, we’re a highly creative agency backed by a solid wealth of experience and know-how. Just ask our many hundreds of happy clients.


International backing and support

Because of our large international online marketing teams, we collaborate with a sizable pool of highly talented digital experts, working across many industries. We guarantee you the latest and best in content marketing, always.


Flexibility and customisation

No matter whether you’re after quality blog writing services, B2B content strategy, or a complete content audit. Our experts will provide just what you need to get your sales to funnel humming.


Continuous analysis, fine-tuning and reporting

Our content marketing may be inspired, but our creativity is always tempered by our constant monitoring and tweaking of your campaign. Plus our regular, detailed reporting keeps you fully informed, every step of the way.


Complete creative and technical teams

From valuable content strategy workshops to flawless design, content and analytics, we handle every aspect of your online content marketing. Seamlessly and collaboratively, with standout innovation and know-how.


Cost effectiveness

With all in-house experts, our trusted stable for top quality content writers, cost effective and friendly team, and with the one-on-one service provider, you’re on a winner with EB Pearls.

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