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Since 2004, we lead app development in Australia and beyond. With NodeJS, we create your dream app quickly without compromising quality.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and types, from start-ups to large corporations, build dynamic web application that improve customer retention, outreach, and engagement.


EB Pearls — Your Global Leader in Node JS Web Apps & APIs


Unlock Cross-Platform Success with NodeJS

Leverage the power of NodeJS for cutting-edge web app solutions. Empower your business with our Node JS development and Express web application expertise.

Web App Development

Build Progressive Web Apps that combine the best technical solutions applied in mobile and web applications beneficial in terms of the ease of development and distribution, as well as a number of other advantages for your business. Talk to our experts to discuss:

Reactjs Development
Aws Services
AWS Services
  • REST-FUL / GraphQL API Development
  • Cross-browser Web App Development
  • Responsive Web App Development
  • Offline Web App Development

Your business idea is 100% protected with EB Pearls

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EB Pearls take confidentiality with utmost priority and you are protected by the global Non-Disclosure Agreement for your business idea.

*Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal document that protects your idea

How Can We Help?

Discover limitless possibilities with our NodeJS development solutions. We provide strategic planning, exceptional design, robust development, and dedicated teams.

Who do we work with?

When do you need us?

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Case 1

You want a versatile, high-performance app capable of running across platforms.

Team Engagement

Case 2

You seek efficient and cost-effective development solutions for your startup.

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Case 3

You need to scale and enhance your existing NodeJS application.

How Can We Help You?

Minimum Viable Product

Web & Mobile Development

Leverage our expertise to build fast and reliable NodeJS mobile apps for web browsers, iOS and Android.


Custom Feature Development

We create robust, scalable, and feature-rich NodeJS web applications tailored to your unique needs.

Icon Maintenance

Maintenance & Support

We provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and support to keep your NodeJS application running smoothly.

What Do You Get?

We are here to provide your company with comprehensive web app development solutions, whenever you need them!

  • Efficient Cross-Platform Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Agile Development Process
  • Optimised Development Workflow
  • Faster Implementation & Updates
Nodejs Web App Development

Why Choose NodeJS?

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Fast & Reliable

NodeJS’s non-blocking I/O ensures rapid response, perfect for real-time apps.

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Seamless Scalability

Handle high traffic with ease, adapting to growth demands effortlessly.

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The streamlined development process reduces specialists, saving costs and giving a competitive edge.

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Looking to expand your reach to over billions of iPhone, iPad and iWatch users? Partner with EB Pearls to get high-quality, innovative and user-friendly applications for iPhone, iPad and iWatch.

Unleashing The Power Of Mobile Apps For Rural Press

Unleashing the Power of Mobile Apps For Rural Press

Discover how our mobile apps for multiple platforms transformed Australian Community Media, revolutionising how the rural press is accessed and consumed.

Agriculture, Corporate, Media, Telecommunications

View Project
Transforming Online Connections: Intro'S Dating App Success

Transforming Online Connections: Intro’s Dating App Success

Discover how Intro, the revolutionary dating app, combines the engaging features of TikTok and Tinder to transform the way people connect online. See how our solution enabled them to revolutionise the dating industry and secure further funding.

Online dating

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Custom Software Development Solutions: Spg Case Study

Custom Software Development Solutions: SPG Case Study

Discover how EB Pearls and SPG have been transforming personal security, enabling high-profile individuals to quickly notify contacts, livestream emergencies, and receive prompt assistance.

Corporate, Logistics, SAAS

View Project
Nexus Audit App To Improve Pump Auditing

Nexus Audit App to Improve Pump Auditing

By harnessing the power of mobile apps, All Pumps in collaboration with EB Pearls aimed to streamline their installation and maintenance services, boost efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience.


View Project
Nexus Audit App To Improve Pump Auditing Custom Software Development Solutions: Spg Case Study Transforming Online Connections: Intro'S Dating App Success Unleashing The Power Of Mobile Apps For Rural Press

Get a 1-hour FREE Consultation

We provide an unbiased opinion on the potential, feasibility, process, growth opportunity, and risk of your mobile app idea.

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Value Proposition

Initiate your business strategy by understanding your customer, their pains and gains using thevalue proposition canvas.

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Cost & Timeframe

Providing you with a detailed proposal with an analysis of the work involved and the efforts required.

Work With EB Pearls Award-Winning Team

We’re proud to say EB Pearls is the most experienced and largest Mobile App Development Team in Australia. With 320+ in-house web and mobile app developers, we have been producing award-winning mobile apps for your startups and businesses.

Michael Signal

Michael Signal

Creative Director

Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 15 years in interaction design and has designed digital products for 1200+ companies all over the world.

Binisha Sharma

Binisha Sharma

Account Manager

Serving as the lead point of contact for all customer management matters, Binisha focuses on fostering a talented and innovative team of design. She acts as client advocate and works with teams to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied to help improve the overall customer experience.

Laxmi Hari Nepal

Laxmi Hari Nepal

Agile Coach

Laxmi Hari leads the Agile transformation in our organization, creating a culture that embraces agile practices. He trains and coaches our employees to adopt agile methodologies, instill agile values, and develop an agile mindset, resulting in improved performance.

Prashant Shrestha

Prashant Shrestha

Associate Engineering Manager

Prashant is one of our top full stack WordPress developers. His insider knowledge on systems produces the best industry standard websites. Prashant is always ready for a new challenge and constantly develops his skills and experience. His aspirations and growth lending him to being the next best Engineering manager.

Ray Dolendra Lal

Ray Dolendra Lal

Engineering Manager

Ray is an essential asset to any team. His planning, coordinating and the supervising over technical and engineering activities of projects is second to none. His goal is to become the industry standard in engineering management so that he can use his knowledge to lead efficient teams of developers.

Shobin Lamichhane

Shobin Lamichhane

Associate Engineering Manager

Shobin,possesses a strong drive for continuous improvement and personal growth. He excels in honing his skills in effective communication, project management, and leadership, while staying updated with the latest technological advancements. One of his greatest strengths lies in his ability to guide and support fellow team members and co-workers based on his valuable learnings and experiences. His dedication to becoming a highly capable and knowledgeable professional makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

Let us turn your entrepreneurial idea into a world class app

From start-ups to Fortune 1200+ companies, we help all of our clients achieve their goals. As one of Australia’s most successful app development companies, we’ve got the experience, expert team and ‘App Store Top 10’ track record to turn your idea into an innovative application people will love. The one thing sets us apart from everyone, we measure our success by the success of our clients.




Competitor Analysis

Market Research

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas

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UX & UI Design

User Interview

Stakeholder workshop


Low-fi Prototyping

User testing

UI Design

Hi-fi Prototyping

Usability testing

Development Yellow


iOS App Development

Android App Development

Flutter App Development

NodeJS Development

ReactJS Development

Microservices architecture

Dev Ops

Quality assurance

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Cloud Operations


Data Operations



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Product Analytics

Business Intelligence


Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

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We leverage NodeJS’s event-driven architecture to ensure seamless scalability as your user base grows.

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Our optimised coding practices and non-blocking I/O design maximise application performance.


Real-Time Functionality

With NodeJS, we create dynamic applications with real-time features for enhanced user engagement.

Why Do Startups Partner With Us?

During the web app development, there are 3 main aspects to focus on:


Fast MVP Development

We help startups quickly launch their products, minimising time-to-market.



Our NodeJS expertise allows startups to achieve more with limited budgets.


Dedicated Support

We offer ongoing support and guidance, assisting startups at every stage of their growth.

What our clients say
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The company saved $200,000–$400,000 using EB Pearls. The team’s QA services also helped the firm resolve issues by being responsive to requests and highly involved in project management. Their resources had the right technical skills; their leasing service model gave the client great flexibility.

Wayne Wen
Wayne Wen,

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Why is NodeJS popular for web app development?

NodeJS (Javascript code framework) is a lightweight, event-driven architecture that enables high-performance real-time applications while enabling you to cut development costs.

What kind of applications can you build with NodeJS?

NodeJS and the Express development environment are particularly versatile and suitable for building various applications, including social networks, eCommerce platforms, and collaboration tools.

How do you ensure NodeJS application security?

We implement best practices like encryption for web server data and Javascript files, input validation, and secure authentication to protect your Express app and user data.

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