EB Pearls Maintenance Service Level Agreement

You agree to be bound by and accept this agreement as applicable to your purchase of service(s) from www.ebpearls.com.au. These terms and conditions are subject to change with prior 60 days written notice at any time, in EB Pearls Pty Ltd sole discretion.

Once a payment has been secured by our sales department for a support, training or discovery request for a problem you’re inquiring about, your project will be put in the EB Pearls work queue and responded to within 2-5 business days. Work will commence on your project based on Priority of issue.

Please note that ticket ‘response times’ are based on the service level agreement (SLA) response times below.

Response Times | Website Maintenance:


MORE on Response Times:

We’ll respond to general requests within your SLA response time with our estimated hours for completion. For new projects, we’ll contact you within your SLA response time to schedule an appointment so we can determine your requirements and provide an estimate for your project. Support requests will be placed within the EB Pearls work queue based on the SLA response times you’ve purchased.

Non Maintenance Response Time

If you need additional work done outside of the hours of a website maintenance plan, you can still submit service requests by emailing us at support@ebpearls.com.  At that time your support request will be flagged as a ‘Non Maintenance No Support Request’ and your allocated account manager will communicate the extra hours required for the work. Most non-maintenance support tickets requests are reviewed  within 2-5 business days.


MORE on Emergency Support:

Before initiating an emergency, please be aware emergency support requires our staff to respond after hours and postpone existing projects to focus 100% on the emergency situation. Except for EB Pearls hosting outages, initiating emergency support is billed by the hour regardless of fault. Once emergency support is initiated all hours are billed, unless you re-schedule support for a later date.

MORE on Phone Support:

For questions, contact us here or call 02 8880 7857.

Website maintenance can be used for:



If, Ecommerce Integration:

If, Magento:

If, Drupal:


If, WordPress:

If, Design:

Website maintenance cannot be used for:


MORE on monthly plans

Customers have the ability to increase the monthly hours in their website maintenance plan based on what we determine to be your average hours per/month.

Your maintenance plan’s hours can be accumulated in the future months. If you have an existing project that exceeds the hours in your website maintenance plan you have the option of paying the difference based on your rate.

Support Center

Please be aware that by posting a request in our support center, you’ll be initiating the use of your website maintenance plan’s hours. If your website maintenance plan’s hours have been exhausted for the month, then you’ll be billed at an hourly rate, based on your current website maintenance plan. Only support requests related to rare server outages or basic sales inquiries will be exempt from this rule.

Support hours used for the month:

Please contact our staff if you would like to know how many support hours you’ve used for a month.

Customer’s Responsibilities

  1. Customer is responsible for (i) RMS hardware, (ii) internal operating systems, (iii) internal network setup, (iv) internal network maintenance and (v) setup and use of any internal file access control systems.
  2. Customer is responsible for ensuring that its personnel have sufficient training to attain and maintain competence in the operation of the Products.
  3. Customer is responsible for ensuring that all support requests are posted in a support ticket in EB Pearls’s support center.  Our staff will only post tickets when absolutely necessary when our customers are unable.


Website maintenance plans will automatically renew without notice at the updated current rate and subject to the updated current terms unless the customer notifies EB Pearls in writing thirty (30) days in advance to continue a new maintenance contract.

Early Cancellation and Penalties

All Service Cancellations require a 1 month notice before the start of upcoming quarter. If you cancel or downgrade your website maintenance plan after 1 month notice period, you will be billed for remaining period of the upcoming quarter.