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We’re leaders in Android app development. We have been developing Android apps since 2008 and we are considered not only one of the experience Android app developers but also one of the most skillful.

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With your app idea and our technical expertise, we can build a great Android application.

Having developed over 380 Android apps, we can help you successfully plan, design and execute your ideas.

If you’re going to invest in app development, then it’s important to choose a developer with a great track record. As Australia’s most experienced Android developers, you’ll be in good hands with us.

Android App Developer

How can EB Pearls help with your Android app?

We focus on developing user-friendly mobile apps that look beautiful and help drive business growth. EB Pearls maintains high standards of development quality throughout the project.

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EB Pearls provides an unbiased opinion on market potential, feasibility, process, growth opportunity and risk of your Android app project.


UX Design

User experience is the foundation of an Android app project. EB Pearls bring an immense amount of expertise, experience and organisation to outline a solid foundation for a successful Android application.

UI Design

UI Design

Your brand represents your business and your Android app design will help your audience engage more with your app. We bring over 15 years of experience to make sure your brand and design digitally standout

Android Os

Android App development

EB Pearls have been developing Android apps since 2004 when it first started. We are not only one of the most experienced app developers in the world, but we are one of the most skilful as well.


Web application

Android apps are backed up by a robust and reliable Web API and Web application. Reaching users in all touch points is paramount to a successful application.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

We will work with you to put together a marketing strategy and growth plan backed up by tools and resources to put the right foot on the market. We can help you with google play store optimisation & more.

Grow your digital presence with EB Pearls

With over 15 years in operation, we’re one of Australia’s leading mobile app development digital agencies.

What our clients say

EB Pearls is approachable and accommodating specifically to our client’s exact needs and requirements. The reception and engagement with the app have been great because the technology designed is very user-friendly. I found EB Pearls to be very professional, they are always on track and our expectations have always been delivered.

Roberto Peresa

Founder, Aguzzo Group

EB Pearls built an iPhone and Android application with a robust venue portal for our event platform. We finished our MVP on time and on budget, and we are on our way to build strong business. Thanks to guys at EB Pearls, they paid (and continue to pay) a lot of attention on our project and helped us to make sure we become successful.

Mitchell Stapleton-Coory

Founder, Bellr

EB Pearls provided great clarity on the scope, timeline, and stages of developing our app. They designed and delivered an app that gives users access to a database of more than 1,000 roles. EB Pearls stuck rigidly to our production schedule with no problems in communication. They were able to deliver according to what they promised.

Mike Fields

Director, Care Careers


It's always great to prepare yourself before you head out for an adventure. App development is no less than an exciting and breathtaking adventure.

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Our process

From concept to completion of your project, we use a tried-and-tested process to get you the results you need, on time, every time.


White papers

Our experienced in-house team can cater to every skill requirement, creating flawless digital solutions across both web and mobile platforms.


Latest trends

The latest news and insights to keep you up to date on everything that's happening in the mobile app industry

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