10 Apps You Need for Saving Money and Making Your Life Easier

10 Apps You Need For Saving Money And Making Your Life Easier
Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya August 29th 2017

Technology is all about making the everyday stuff simpler, and with a smartphone in your pocket, it’s now more possible than ever. There’s a whole world of digital apps out there to help you manage your life, keep track of what’s going on and save money. Here are our top 10 apps for making your life easier.

1. BSociable

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We all know how difficult it can be to organise group events with our friends when we’re all leading such busy lives. When can we meet? After work or before work? Where should we meet? At the cafe or at my place? Is anyone going to be late? Sometimes the options can be overwhelming, and BSociable works wonders with streamlining this process. The app lets you view the calendars of your friend group, meaning you can say goodbye to all those messages trying to find a date and time that everyone can come to. Other features include choosing a venue easily, RSVPs, location services so you can see where your guests are 2 hours before the event (and see if anyone is going to be late) and the ability to invite more guests to your events. This app makes it so much easier to catch up with friends, meaning you can do it more regularly… and who doesn’t want that!

2. Health Synergy

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What happens when a nutritionist and a naturopath from Sydney get together to make an app? That’s the story of Jennifer Murrant and Hannah Singleton who, with the help of EB Pearls, created the ultimate in handheld healthy eating.

Health Synergy is an iOS app that showcases over 150 recipes, all of which are free from sugar. Many of the recipes are also vegan friendly and dairy free. Providing a balanced, nutritional approach to health and wellbeing, Health Synergy was designed by EB Pearls to help bring Murant and Singleton’s dream to life, and to help you get a healthy answer to the question “What’s for dinner, tonight?”

3. Keep

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Love post it notes, colour coding and checklists? Google Keep is the handy smartphone app that’s going to revolutionise how you organise your life.

What starts as a series of colour coded notes where you can write reminders, create checklists, add pictures and even audio recordings, quickly opens up to almost unprecedented levels of organisation.

Notes can be shared with others, scheduled for specific dates, times and even locations, and notes that turn into long form text can quickly be turned into Google Docs. It’s all so simple and fluid that you won’t want to stop using it. Best of all, it’s also available on your computer browser.

4. Quality Time

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Smartphones can empower our lives, making them easier, faster and more fun. But the allure of the computer in our pockets can also drive us to distraction. Quality Time wants to help you curb your digital addiction and get more out of your phone, without spending more time on it.

Delightfully engaging and visual, Quality Time offers up deep analytics on your mobile phone usage and how often you unlock your phone, as well as giving you the option to set aside downtime from your mobile devices.

If you’re worried about how mobile phone usage is affecting your productivity, your wallet or even your personal relationships, Quality Time could be the solution you are looking for.

5. Digit

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Digit’s tagline is ‘Save money without thinking about it’, and that’s exactly what this app can help you to do. Digit tracks your spending habits and moves money into savings accounts where and when you can afford it. It’s like having a smart accountant in your pocket who’s always looking to help you save. A simple, user-friendly app that’s great for people who find it hard to save money.

6. Hopper

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When it comes to taking holidays, cheap airfares can give you that extra pocket padding to turn a good holiday into a really great one. Hopper helps you monitor airfares and predict future prices, helping you save up to 40% on your next flight. Available on iOS and Android.

7. MyFitnessPal

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A calorie counter, health and diet tracker, MyFitnessPal’s true potential comes from the tens of thousands of brand items and recipes in the database. You’ll find everything from cheesecake to cheese sandwiches in this fantastic app that makes monitoring your calorie intake an absolute breeze.

8. Dollarbird

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Dollarbird is a free app that helps you save money and build budgets for everything in your life. See what you’re spending, when you’re spending it and how your budget evolves over time. You can schedule reminders for bills and take control of your finances with this helpful and easy to use smartphone app.

9. Any.do

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Any.do is a simple and elegant app that helps you organise what you need to do every day. With lists for Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Sometime, plus a robust calendar, it’s handy to share with friends and also has a desktop version.

10. Evernote

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The big name in organisational software, Evernote is a fluid, functional note and document keeping app that has more features than you can shake a stick at. Because it’s so functional, you can use it for anything from storing important documents, tracking spending and receipts and creating or sharing to-do lists. You can also use the camera to scan real life documents into your digital storage. If you’re looking for that one app that does it all, Evernote could be it.

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