The Top 9 Benefits of Setting Up a Blog on Your Website

The Top 9 Benefits of Setting Up a Blog on Your Website

18 Jun 2019


Joseph Bridge

Did you know having a blog increases your indexing by 434%? That’s right: you’ll rank on Google over 400 % more often. And that drives business, plain and simple.

Not convinced your business needs a blog? Check out the top nine benefits of blogging to change your mind!

1. Bring in Traffic to Your Web page

One of the top benefits of blogging is to drive traffic to your web page. How? It increases traffic from search engines. 

With more content on your website, search engines will index your website more often. Plus, with quality articles, your readers will share this content with others. And that means free advertising!

2. Connect Your Brand to Your Customers

Sure, you could use your “about” page on your website, but that’s not enough. When you’re blogging for business, you’ll address questions and concerns of your clients. And you’ll provide an idea about your company’s standards, personality, and ideals.

3. And Provide a Communication Channel

Create a comment section on your blog to provide a way for your customers to connect with your business. Encourage feedback, both positive and negative. It shows that you’re open to all types of feedback and builds trust with your brand.

Additionally, comments can provide insight into customer needs and wants. It’s free research into the minds of your consumers!

4. Support Your Marketing Team

Help your marketing team reach out to your customers with your blog. These posts increase the likelihood that others will share your website. If you have an email newsletter, your blog posts will make a great addition for quality content. 

5. Boost SEO

Did you know Google has a freshness factor when ranking pages? That’s right — just having new content can boost your search engine optimisation (SEO). Regularly added new content ranks higher, meaning more visibility for your web page.

6. Establish Your Brand as an Authority Figure

Use your blog to establish that you are an expert in your market. This will help build trust and familiarity, and soon you’ll be the go-to source for your customers. Additionally, giving helpful advice shows you care about your audience, not only sales.

7. Increase Leads

It’s simple: more blog posts equal more leads. These come in the form of email opt-ins, form submissions, and quote requests. So more posts equal more potential sales.

8. Create Inbound Links

If you have more content, others are more likely to link to your website. Good inbound links are one of the most important parts of SEO. With more quality content, other bloggers will link to your website for reference.

9. Improve Conversion Rates

Maintaining an active blog indicates that you are an active business. So if you can’t keep up with your blog, don’t start one. But if you can, it’s a great signal that you have a well-maintained business and helps build brand loyalty.

Benefits of Blogging: Now You Know!

We hope we’ve convinced you of the benefits of blogging. In today’s digital world, having a vast online presence is essential.

Looking for more online ways to connect with your customers and grow your business? We’ve got you covered! Contact EB Pearls today for a free consultation and see what we can do for you.


Joseph Bridge is a seasoned professional in the field of business development, currently serving as the Business Development Manager at EB Pearls, a dynamic and innovative company in the technology sector. With a strong track record of driving growth and forging strategic partnerships, Joseph brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

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