Boutique agency with over 12 years of relationship

Boutique agency with over 12 years of relationship

19 Aug 2017


Joseph Bridge


As a boutique graphic design agency in Surry Hills, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But, with a stellar design team behind them, our partner knew had the potential to stand out from the crowd. However, in 2008, their service offering was missing something very important. When prospective clients would approach them about their branding, logo or print design services, inevitably, many would ask, ‘Can you create our website?’

Of course, this was a fair question. In the digital age, you can’t build a brand without defining a digital presence, and one of the most important keystones, if not the most important asset of any business’ digital presence is their website.

Being astute, the directors knew that it was time to add web design to their repertoire of services. Confident in the department of upskilling their team of designers and hiring any new talent they needed, our partner required expertise in hiring for the technical development of their designers.

A unique opportunity

Luckily for them, a web development company, EB Pearls was just a few doors down their office. We were able to provide the exact solution to their problem. The unique monthly staff leasing service that EB Pearls offered was an arrangement that allowed our partner to confidently offer web design as one of their key services.

Here’s what made our offering stand out:

  • Cost-effective: Any agency investing money into web developers is acutely aware of the high costs associated with hiring in-house. For a small agency, this cost may be very risky. However, outsourcing to a reliable partner like EB Pearls meant that the investment was far less than the alternative, maximising returns. The addition of a trialling period with our services also minimised risk.  
  • Scalable: When we establish a partnership, we’re in it for the long haul. That means that as our partner grew, we continued to add developers to their roster. No time was wasted waiting for job applications, interviewing and onboarding, we had that covered. Over the last 10 years, our partner has welcomed a team of 3 developers to their own team. 
  • Flexible: We were (and still are) all about making it easy for you to onboard new our developers. This means we took the time to fully understand the current process in place, and then, recommended how our developers would be integrated into the current workflow. Over the last decade, we’ve regularly re-assessed how we work with our partner, optimising process and adapting to changes along the way.

High calibre work

Thus started our partnership. Of course, they had set high expectations with their current design work and needed to hire a technical team that was able to uphold these high standards for web development. Having worked with many high-profile clients, EB Pearls developers knew exactly the quality expected. Time after time, for every project, we delivered pixel perfect website builds that translated designs produced beautifully. In addition, we understand the absolute importance of sticking to deadlines, and have delivered projects on time or ahead of schedule. Consistently maintaining this high standard of work has become the basis of a long-standing and reliable partnership.

Another unique added benefit that our partner has been able to take advantage of, is our presence in Sydney. Although we are an international company, with our developers in Kathmandu, Nepal, our Sydney team is well-versed in what is behind the business and technical side of websites. Over the years, we have served as technical consultants for our partner. Our partners and technical representatives will meet often to exchange ideas about how the web landscape is changing. In fact, we have met with our partner’s clients to offer advice in technical enhancements and expertise.

Remarkable results and continued success

Overall, this decade-long relationship has been quite self-sufficient. We have run into very few hiccups, a testament to the strong foundation we had set at the beginning of our engagement. The agency has not had to hire any in-house technical talent, with EB Pearls developers able to handle any project that has been thrown their way. Website projects have become one of our partner’s most successful outputs, with over 300 developed to perfection during our engagement. Along with this comes successes in the form of an amazing return on investment, with an increase in profit margins by 200%. We’re particularly proud to be to share in their success and moving forward, continue to be strong partners.


Joseph Bridge is a seasoned professional in the field of business development, currently serving as the Business Development Manager at EB Pearls, a dynamic and innovative company in the technology sector. With a strong track record of driving growth and forging strategic partnerships, Joseph brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

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