Business Goals & Web Design: Understanding the Connection

Business Goals & Web Design: Understanding the Connection
Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya February 10th 2017

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that their website is simply “a digital pamphlet”. However, there is a lot more potential to leverage your website for revenue generation. That’s why you should first define your business goals and objectives. This will help tremendously in keeping focus and setting benchmarks.


Let’s get down to business


Rank Your Goals

In order to narrow down the direction your website should head, you’ll need to think about what goals should be prioritised. Doing so will keep you focused during this process. We’ve provided some goals you may want to start with:

Rank Your Goals

  • One clear objective

Although, there may be many activities that are undertaken by users on a website, there should be one clear call-to-action on your site. The objective should be something that brings the greatest value to your company, directly achieving your business goals.

Some typical call-to-actions that you may want your users to perform include:

One clear objective

This call-to-action should be reinforced throughout the whole site, ideally on every page (possibly even sitting on your header).

  • Measuring success through data

Defining your goals now means you can also work out metrics you will use to track your progress. If you have data currently available, take note of data that may be affected after your website is launch. By doing so, you have a baseline from which compare your business performance from.



Your web developers should also be aware of your goals so that analysis tools can be properly integrated into your site. A clear team vision will prevent scope creep, which can affect project deadlines and budget. We need to make sure that we have the right goals going into the project.



Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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