Clever eCommerce Web Design: A Review of Animal Box

Clever eCommerce Web Design: A Review of Animal Box

14 Apr 2015


Gorakh Shrestha

If a brand is lucky, it manages to tap into consumer demand and pair what the customer wants with the method in which they’re most likely to interact or use the website. Hitting that sweet spot isn’t easily managed – but it would appear that Animal Box has managed to do just that, by delivering healthy meals and snacks for the kids of busy parents, ordered at the click of a button.

Here’s some insight into what makes Animal Box successful, and how you can apply the same principles to your business idea:

They fill a need. Family life is getting busier by the day, while at the same time they need for nutritious food is becoming more clear every time a new study comes out that denounces junk and convenience foods. This leaves busy parents even more put-upon and feeling as though they’re falling short. Animal Box provides the sort of nutritious food parents wish they themselves had the time to prepare.

They are convenient. By making the ordering process as simple as clicking a few items, and then delivering straight to the customer’s door, Animal Box removes any extra work for the customer. The customer doesn’t even need to be home when the food is delivered – instead, food is placed in an esky in order to keep it fresh and left on the doorstep. This process removes any further barriers – there’s no inconvenience that might make a visitor think twice before ordering.

They keep the customer in mind at all times. Customers can arrange standing orders for regular delivery, rather than ordering every day. By eliminating the need to even remember to place an order by the cut-off time, Animal Box makes itself nearly impossible to resist. Who hasn’t experienced a moment of panic when remembering an unfinished task at the end of the day, after all?

They maintain a strong brand. Another way of appealing to the target market, while maintaining a strong and environmentally-conscious brand, is by enforcing the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For example, a reusable esky is much easier on the environment than disposable alternatives – while still keeping food safe. Maintaining the brand from concept through execution encourages trust.

Animal Box is proving that when service to the customer is kept at the forefront, success follows. And pairing an excellent concept with the right presentation, via an app or website, creates an unbeatable combination.


Gorakh is one of our best and continues to achieve excellence. His strong leadership and communication skills are second to none when it comes to developing the best websites possible. Gorakh is always ready to take on new challenges and gain more experience for himself and his team to grow to the next level.

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