EB Pearls Tops Rankings for Sydney App Developers

Eb Pearls Tops Rankings For Sydney App Developers
Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya October 15th 2019

At EB Pearls, we believe that as more and more companies vie for visibility on Google, simplicity will continue to be the key to truly excellent web and app designs. It’s not just us saying that: The judges behind the many different design awards that we’ve won over the years seem to think so, too. 

Eb Pearls Tops Rankings For Sydney App Developers

But the best thing about clean, functional app design isn’t the awards it brings in. It’s the satisfaction our customers find in being able to easily use and take pride in their apps. That’s why we’re thrilled that their reviews have been so unanimous that they have propelled us to the top of the list in Sydney on Clutch.co, a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

In the 14 years that we’ve spent serving the digital community, our team has grown to include more than 180 developers and designers who have built some of the best apps and websites in Australia and around the world. 


Whether it was web design for the Department of Industry, e-commerce development for a swimwear company, or mobile development for a major retail employer, all of our work represents our philosophy that quality is not a luxury; it is a standard that all of our clients deserve.

In one of our most recent projects, we worked with a startup to produce a cross-platform mobile solution for invoicing and quoting in a variety of business situations. Our client left us a glowing 5-star review:

Eb Pearls Quoteup

Their demeanor and ability to keep us happy, made them a joy to work with. They always offered advice on the best practice/ways to implement and suggestions on how to improve the product. We could not have released without their assistance.” — Co-Founder, QuoteUp

We worked from wireframes provided by the client to create detailed user flows before taking over the development. Our UX leads and engineers were in constant communication with their team to make sure that the final product was as clean and easy to use as possible.

In addition to building form-based invoice PDF creation, we developed internal and external file shareability for users. We are currently working on an exclusive AR measurement tool as well! 

Besides Clutch, we are also ranked for our web development services on The Manifest, a growing industry research platform. Given that one-third of businesses have a mobile app and even more have a website, it’s clear that companies can still benefit from investing in a technical transformation! 

If you are in the still-sizeable minority of businesses considering the step into the digital age, reach out to us to find out why companies like Clutch think we’re the right development agency for you! 

Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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