Celebrating EBPearls 18 Years of Excellence

Celebrating EBPearls 18 Years of Excellence

24 Mar 2023


Sanjeena Parajuli

On January 27th, 2023, we celebrated EBPearls 18 Years of Excellence at Aagantuk Resort in Dhulikhel. This two-day event was filled with fun activities and special moments that were enjoyed by all. From the official welcome speech to the DJ dance party and team-building games, the EB Pearls family had an unforgettable experience! 

Here’s what we wanted to share from this unforgettable evening. 

An Unforgettable Evening 

At EBPearls, we believe that an event should be a night to remember—that’s why we go above and beyond to make sure our colleagues and guests have an amazing experience. From delicious food and drinks to live music, dancing, award distributions, and speeches. Plus, there were plenty of activities throughout the night and the next morning, so everyone explored the venue without missing any of the action! 

Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence
Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence

The Event Schedule

The event kicked off with everyone arriving at the venue and getting settled into their rooms. We then had a delicious refreshment session followed by tea/coffee/cookies – all of which were enjoyed by the colleagues. After that, we took a group photo session to commemorate the occasion before beginning the formal part of the celebration. 

Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence - Innovation
The Event Schedule

Once all the attendees gathered together, the event was kicked off with our General Manager, Subin Hachhethu’s welcome speech, followed by a video showcasing the journey of EB Pearls. We also showcased the video in which we received best wishes messages from our Sydney team. There were various categories of awards distributed to the winners of the events held in the past year. Also, Jay Narayan and Nitu dd were both acknowledged for their amazing work and support during the disastrous time of COVID. 

Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence - Quality
Bosses Embracing

We then had a star-studded lineup of performers that made an unforgettable evening. There were multiple line ups of what went to be an exciting “Bollywood Extravaganza” by  Samyak, Nikesh, Ritu, Rupika, Shreya, and Basanta’s Epic Dance Performance. This talented group of dancers took us on a journey through some of the most popular Bollywood songs, showcasing their flawless execution. 

Then we heard melodic tunes from Mohamad Ashish as he sang along with multiple cover songs which stunned the Crowd with ‘Riptide’ and ‘Sirsaya Hegu’. Mohamad’s unique style and emotive performance leave the audience spellbound, as they are transported to another world through the power of music. 

After that, the crowd was ready for “Nepali Dance Extravaganza”. The talented group delivered a breathtaking dance performance to a popular Nepali song, complete with seamless coordination, beautiful costumes, and infectious enthusiasm. The audience cheers and sways along to the music, as Samyak, Ram, Nikesh, Ritu, Rupika and Basundhara showcase their impressive dance skills and passion for the art form. showing off their incredible dancing skills with a traditional Nepali folk dance.

Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence - Continuous Learning
Dance – Dance – Dance

The entertainment doesn’t stop there–we also had performances lined up from Karun, Prayukti and Junu, Prakash, and accompanied by Ujwal/Aswin/Atit. Each act is sure to fill your heart with joy and keep your feet tapping all night long! 

Karun Shakya Rocking the Stage with ‘Parelima’ by 1974 AD  and ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver. Karun’s powerful vocals and emotive performance take the audience on a musical journey, as they sway and sing along to the music. Followed by the Dynamic Duo Junu and Prayukti’s Show-Stopping Dance Performance. The duo showcases their impeccable talent and seamless synchronization in this high-energy routine that is sure to leave you breathless. 

As the dance performance created the high energy it continued with Prakash`s rocking the Stage with ‘Ranga’ by Rockheads Nepal  delivering a stunning rendition of ‘Ranga’ by Rockheads Nepal, complete with dynamic vocals and impressive guitar skills. The audience cheers and sways along to the music, as Prakash’s powerful performance takes the stage by storm and then accompanied by Ujwal Stealing the Show with ‘Grenade’ and ‘Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein’. This talented duo delivers a powerful rendition of ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars, followed by a soulful cover of ‘Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein’ by Atif Aslam. Prakash’s impressive guitar skills and Ujjwal’s emotive vocals combine to create a musical masterpiece that leaves the audience spellbound. The crowd cheers and sings along to the music, as Prakash and Ujjwal deliver a performance that is both electrifying and emotional.

Closing up the live event we have the talented Ujwal, Prakash, Atit, and Aswin providing the experience to us the magical song of the iconic Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’. This talented group of musicians comes together to deliver a powerful and emotional rendition of this classic hit, showcasing their musical prowess and harmonious collaboration. From Ujwal’s emotive vocals to Atit and Aswin’s skilled guitar work, and Prakash`s rhythmic beats on the cajon, this performance is a treat for the senses. All of them were already tapping their feet, singing along, and having the time of their life with this unforgettable musical experience!”

Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence - Fun
Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence

After some melodious songs and delightful dance performances from our talented teams we head on to next section of Employee of the year awards which was announced by Sonika and shared working experience about the winning team before the awards and appreciation gifts were distributed to winners followed by our Director, Rupak Shakya who gave his vote of thanks and formally concluded the event. 

Once the formal events concluded it was time for some fun! Everyone danced to DJ music before enjoying dinner together. Day 2 brought even more excitement with breakfast, multiple team building games, lunch and check out before everyone departed back home.  

Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence Events
Celebrating Ebpearls 18 Years Of Excellence Events


The 18th annual EB Pearl’s event was truly one for the books! From start to finish it was filled with good company, amazing food, and plenty of laughs! We are so grateful that we have had this amazing opportunity to celebrate our success together as one big family at Aagantuk Resort in Dhulikhel this year. We can’t wait until next year’s celebration! Here’s to many more years of growth and success ahead! Cheers!

Sanjeena Parajuli

Sanjeena possesses the strength to create a thriving and inclusive workplace. With a focus on valuing employees and fostering engagement, she is dedicated to motivating individuals to perform at their best. Sanjeena aims to cultivate a positive and supportive company culture that promotes teamwork, professional growth, and work-life balance, making her an influential driver of success within the organisation.

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