How App Development Can Change Australia’s Real Estate

How App Development Can Change Australia’s Real Estate

07 Mar 2016


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In the real estate business, buying or selling a home is not only a complex transaction, but it can also be a time-consuming process. There are a lot of important decisions one needs to take in order to make the right choice and avoid expensive mistakes along the way.

The basic tools to start your housing project require plenty of information and knowledge, so make sure you:

  • research the market value of property
  • educate yourself about building terms
  • attend auctions and monitor results

Did you know: House prices rose by 6.8% in Australia’s eight major cities in 2014 after a rise of 9.48% during 2013?

But the economy and customer demand are not the only factors that dictate the course for real estate in Australia. App development has made a huge impact on the way buyers and sellers view the property market business and the strategies they use to interact with one another.

Reshaping the real estate industry landscape

It is safe to say property apps are reshaping the housing market in Australia by giving buyers and sellers complete access to a wealth of information. Moreover, with apps becoming indispensable tools for the majority of the population, the industry revenue for 2016 is forecast to grow significantly. In 2015, for example, mobile ad spending generated an estimated $29 billion and could double the amount by the year 2018.

There are plenty of property apps on the market right now and each one of them is assessed to deliver certain information and facilitate the buying process for the parties involved. In fact, they are usually the first resource people consult when they need to compare prices or calculate mortgage payment.

What are the most relevant features of a successful property app?

Here are some elements you should consider including in a property app:

  1. The ability to view auction results and detailed insights such as median prices, rental yields, population and demographics.
  2. The possibility to calculate mortgage payments, the stamp duty, including transfer fees, first home concessions and the registration of a mortgage and show links to home loans and house valuation services,
  3. The ability to calculate loan repayments, shows summaries and repayments.
  4. The ability of searching for properties to buy or rent and view them via a map or a list and getting directions for the properties as well.

All in all, it is important to keep in mind that a successful property app makes everything real-time and instantly accessible. This is what drives buyers and sellers to shift their focus from traditional market research and project implementation to the ever-growing property app business sector.

The potential for app development to provide property insight does not stop here! From getting interior design inspiration ideas to sharing listings on social media and contacting agents from within the app, the possibilities are endless.

What is the future of property app marketing in Australia?

Past statistics have shown that, with price and consumer demand being extremely high in recent years, 2016 is estimated to be a great year for property sellers in Australia.

In 2016, the rate of economic growth will get back on track creating strong conditions for those who wish to sell their homes. More so, with prices growth slowing down, some sellers will also be in a position to trade out of their current home and into a new home, as predicted by

This is all the more reason start developing a property app. Who knows? You might become the number one most influential tool for buyers and sellers throughout the country!

If you need professional assistance and support in managing your real estate business app, do not hesitate to contact us here. We can provide you with optimised solutions to cater to your every professional need.


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