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Building a brand is about building a story your customers will forever remember.

But how do you do that? How do you create a story that your consumers will remember?

This is why a brand style guide is so important. A brand style guide helps give your story structure. It gives your story colour, style, and something memorable.

The key is figuring out how to create an app brand style guide, specifically a mobile app brand style guide that fits your business model. You need to explore the different ways on how to create a mobile app brand style guide that can help you tell your story to your market.

However, before creating a brand style guide, you need to define your brand. You need to know who your brand is for and what values your brand holds.

Here are some ways to identify your brand and what it means before creating a style guide.

Target Market and Values

When you create a brand, you are creating it for a specific market. You are showing a specific market about how you can help them.

Your brand is about telling a story about how you are helping a specific customer overcome a problem.

Also, your brand should represent certain values. You want to convey trust, loyalty, authenticity, and other strong values that show your customers what your brand is about and what makes it the best.

After your brand is created, you need to create a brand style guide that reinforces these values and choose a style that resonates with your target market.

Know the Style You Want to Create

When it comes to creating a brand style for your mobile app, you need to know what kind of style you want to create.

For example, you will need to create a brand logo that defines your business and how it represents your business. You need to know that your brand logo tells a story and something your customers will see and identify with your business.

Whatever you choose your logo to be, you want to make sure it sends a clear message. You want to ensure that it’s easy to read and clearly articulates what your business is about.

Another part of creating a style that represents your brand is choosing fonts. There are different kinds of fonts that can represent the style of your brand.

Whatever you do choose, you want to make sure it’s consistent across your website and your mobile app. When you have different fonts on different pages, it can lead to confusion, and sometimes it doesn’t articulate what your brand stands for.

Some fonts represent certain professionalism, while other fonts are designed for more style, it just depends on what you want your brand to say to your customers.

Know the Colours

Another facet of choosing a brand style guide is knowing what colours define your brand.

Some colours represent power while others can give a sense of calm. It’s your job to research the psychology of colour and how they speak to the customer, how it makes them feel.

If your brand represents certain characteristics, you want the colours of your website and your mobile app to show those colours. You want to reinforce your brand’s message with particular colours.

Also, you want to make sure that whatever colours you choose are consistent across your website and your mobile app.

Have Unique Photography

Photography on your website and a mobile app can set the mood. It’s also a critical part of your brand style guide.

When you are creating a unique brand style guide, you want to ensure that photography uses real people, not fashion models. When you are using real people, it gives off a sense of authenticity, and not something you would find under stock photos.

It makes your brand feel real to the consumer, which helps businesses build trust with the consumer.

You also want to create a sense of diversity in your photos. You don’t want the same person or the same background in every picture. When you offer diverse pictures, it can show how diverse your brand is. You want your photos to be unique to whoever is viewing them.

This is why you want to ensure your style guide for photography sets the structure of what you want in your photos. You have to be particular when it comes to photos because it represents your brand and the story you are trying to tell your consumers.

Don’t Forget About Your Brand Voice

Creating a brand style guide is about also having a distinct voice. You want whoever is writing for your website or creating the content on your mobile device to have a unique brand voice.

You want your brand’s voice to appear whenever someone reads something about your business. It could be having specific phrases or words echoed throughout your brand, which make a consumer think about your brand.

Now You Know Everything About a Brand Style Guide

When creating a style guide, it’s important that it’s all about your brand’s values and what kind of story you want to tell your target market. A brand style guide helps you stay within the confines of what your brand is about.

A brand style guide helps you figure out ways to create a website and a mobile app that speaks directly to your target market.

If you want help with creating a brand style guide or have questions about it, you can contact us here.

Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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