How Marketing Automation Can Boost Profit Margins

How Marketing Automation Can Boost Profit Margins

03 Nov 2020


Michael Signal

Are you a business owner who feels like you spend all your time on low ROI activities? Do you get frustrated when you’re expected to be on the computer all day posting to social media and answering emails? Would you rather be spending your time working on your business and making money instead? 

If so, then you need to start automating your digital marketing so you can finally get away from your computer. But how do you get started? And what does marketing automation even mean?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about what tasks you can automate, how to do it, and what tools you need.  

And so now you don’t have to pay your staff to repeat tasks over and over. Instead, automate these tasks so you can get back to higher ROI activities. Use the tools available to you so that your team can move on to accomplishing the tasks that will drive ROI and build your business. 

Why You Need to Automate Your Marketing Tasks

Repetitive tasks can suck the life out of your most creative energy. Don’t spend all day replying to tweets and posting to Instagram. Use the software available to you to automate your marketing tasks so you can get back to running your business. 

After all, unless you’re a famous Instagram influencer, you don’t get paid to be on social media all day. You have a business to take care of and clients that need their work done. So, get off social media and your website and start automating your marketing today. 

But sometimes that’s easier said than done. How can you automate your marketing? Through systems, documentation, and the right tools.

But don’t worry, we’re going to go through each one and show you how you can optimize your marketing strategy without spending all day at your computer. From marketing on Tik Tok to Instagram and Facebook, you need to be online, but you don’t need to do it in person. 

You can set up software that schedules your posts to your various marketing platforms for you. Your audience expects you to be active online. But that doesn’t mean you need to manually be active every day.  

You can’t just post once and never come back again. So, to solve that problem, you need to automate your marketing tasks. 

What Marketing Tasks Can You Automate?

Various marketing automation platforms allow you to automate the mundane marketing tasks that always seem to get forgotten. Digital marketing has several aspects of creating a successful campaign. And most have tools available to you so you can automate your posts. 

1. Email Marketing

Do you send out a regular weekly email to your subscriber list? Or does it always seem to get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list and eventually forgotten? With a great email service provider, you can automate this task to broadcast to your list on a scheduled basis.

Additionally, you can also automate different sequences that are triggered by an event such as a purchase or free download. You create the sequence once and set up the autoresponder within your email service provider to send each email within the sequence on a pre-scheduled basis. 

You can also use the tools available within your email service provider to tag certain subscribers and then use those tags to segment your list. Increase your open rates and decrease your manual work using this tip to automate your email marketing. 

Don’t miss out on valuable email marketing by trying to do it all yourself. Set up this automation so you can get back to work and get away from the computer. 

2. Social Media Marketing

Do you post to social media regularly? Or do you find yourself getting lost in social media for hours each day trying to figure out what to post? Don’t waste valuable time trying to make your brand visible online.

Instead, use a scheduler to ensure that your business is staying top of mind with regular social media posts on all the social media platforms. Many schedulers will allow you to create one social media post and then send it to all your social media accounts. This will save you time in creating posts as well as in distributing your posts. 

Additionally, you can set aside one day per week or month to create all your social media images and posts, then schedule them to go out to your audience at peak times. When you see your favourite business owner posting on social media all day, rest assured that they are not sitting at their computer to do this. More than likely, they are using a scheduler to automate these posts so it looks like they’re active all day. 

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing and search engine optimization are vital components of your digital marketing package. Don’t sit down and try to write your blog posts on the day you need to publish. Write in advance and schedule your posts to automatically publish consistently. 

We all make mistakes when it comes to content marketing, but manually publishing shouldn’t be one of them. There are tools available to you so that you can free up your team members to get back to working on projects they love and that build your business. 

And, just like with your social media marketing batch your content creation so you aren’t sitting down once per week to write one blog post. Or better yet, delegate your content creation to an expert so you can get back to working on your business instead. 

4. Lead Generation

You are only in business as long as your leads list is active. After all, nothing happens if nobody sells anything. So, how are you growing your leads

Are you required to be part of the process? If so, then you need to automate this through your website and landing pages. You can drive traffic to both through organic search, paid advertising, and social media marketing, all of which can also be automated as shown above.

This is the final piece of the puzzle and will be the step that will scale your business and grow your sales on auto-pilot. How will that look for your business when your social media and blog posts go out on a consistent schedule?

And when they’re optimized to naturally lead your visitors to your landing page which collects their contact information while also leading them into an automated nurture sequence which you created in the first section above.  

As you can see all four pieces of your digital marketing puzzle can be automated to grow your business for you while you work on more important things, or go on vacation. So, start growing your business in your sleep with marketing automation. 

How To Develop the Right Automation System

How you create your marketing automation design is just as important as how you implement it. In fact, implementation will happen much more seamlessly and smoother with great design and thorough documentation

Everyone on your team should be able to step in at any time in the process and take over for you. If not, then you’ve created a system that can’t scale or automate. And if you want to grow your business, these aspects are vital. 

To create the right system you need to ensure all your processes are documented and organized. Be sure that anyone can step in and determine the exact tools they need to complete your marketing strategy, and you do that through documentation. 

Set up your systems, gather your materials needed, and write out each step along the way. As you do this you will see certain steps that don’t add value to your system, these can be deleted. You will also see certain steps that can be delegated to someone else or to a software system, such as publishing your social media posts at peak times. 

Once all of these steps have been completed, this will help you to get out from behind the computer and back to the work you love. You should be running your business, not worrying about completing your most recent blog post. And the right tools can help you make that happen. 

How To Find the Best Marketing Automation Tools 

Just as with any job you tackle, having the right tools can make your job easier and faster. So, take the time to find the right tools for your marketing automation so you can stop spending so much time on your digital marketing. 

There are three main tenets you need to look for when finding the right tools for your job. These include:  

1. Price

While you might not want to skimp on price too much if it saves you time, you also need to be budget-conscious. You’re running a business and need to account for your expenses. Check the price for each scheduler software and make the best decision for your business. 

Many tools have a freemium model allowing you to try out their program for free for a limited time. Use this to your advantage to try several before you decide which one is right for you. 

2. Platforms

You don’t need to be on every single social media site out there, just the ones your audience is on. And when you’re looking for a scheduler find one that allows you to work with the platforms you need for your business.

Some platforms also have a native scheduler that might give you more reach. However, consider the trade-off of having to manage several schedulers rather than saving time by finding one that works with several from one singular dashboard. 

3. People

Many schedulers will allow you to interact with your community from their software. This will save you time from having to log in to each social media account to interact with people.

Look for a program that will allow you to either follow others, send and respond to direct messages, or respond to comments directly. You need to stay in contact with your audience, so look for a tool that makes this task easier and automated. 

Look at these three variables as you check out the tools available to you for your marketing automation. Take the time to do your research so you can save time later on down the road.

Having the right tools available will increase your productivity and allow you to get back to business faster. These tools can help free you from the constant pressure to post on a regular schedule. 

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the tools available so you can automate your marketing which will grow your presence and following. This will enable you to grow and scale your business to the level you’ve always dreamed about. 

Launch Your Next Campaign on Auto-Pilot

Now you can see how easy it is to automate your digital marketing. You know you can’t fall behind with your online presence or you’ll fall behind your competition. But now you also know that you can finally get away from the computer and get back to the work you love. 

If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing and how to set up your marketing on autopilot, contact us today. We’re here to help you conquer the online world so you can grow your business without adding more work to your already busy schedule.


Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 20 years in interaction design and have designed digital products for Fortune 50 companies all over the world.

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