Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

22 Oct 2019


Michael Signal

Are your marketing mistakes making people cringe? Are people avoiding what you consider to be your best work? Listed in this article are some of the most insidious content marketing mistakes you can make. They are insidious because on the surface they seem like a good idea until you implement it and turn your warm leads into a dead-end lead.

Trying to Write Viral Content

We all want our ads, memes, comments, and videos to go viral. Sadly, some of the most cringe-worthy content on the Internet to date has been the result of people trying to create viral content.

Top web design and marketing companies will admit there is a certain amount of engineering behind promotional viral content, but there are no foolproof guides or steps. It is almost like the office buffoon who makes himself seem more of an idiot simply because he is trying too hard to be funny.

All Forms of Pandering Are Marketing Mistakes

There is a difference between pandering and communicating with an audience on its level. The Pepsi advert (2017) featuring Kendall Jenner is the most perfect example of pandering. It shows the young woman fighting a cause but doesn’t bother to define the cause. It simply insists that she and all young people are heroes because they take a stand, even if the stand is against nothing.

An example of clever targeting (not pandering) is when McDonald’s brought back their Szechuan sauce after its promotion on Rick & Morty. It hit such a genuine chord with Rick & Morty fans that it created the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce riots.

Publishing for The Sake of Publishing

Not only is this one of the most foolish marketing blunders, but it is also one of the most common content marketing mistake; especially when trying to post on many different platforms at once.

Publishing for the sake of publishing is like calling somebody on the phone to only engage in small talk. It is annoying, it is inconsiderate, and the minor social media benefit it offers is dissolved by how much consumer goodwill is lost.

Taking Too Long to Create and Publish

Nobody is blaming you for making this mistake because you are only human and we have all done it.

For example, you have set up everything for the release of a new PC game. You have your previews, reviews, YouTube videos, demonstrations, and your blog posts all ready to go as the release date approaches. Then you decide you want a customized introduction for your YouTube video, and you want a tighter Twitter schedule, and you decide your blog posts need pros and cons.

Before you know it the game is released and everybody has content on the web before you.

Draw a Conclusion from What Annoys You

It is mind-blowing how many marketing mistakes could be avoided by simply examining your own thoughts.

Do you hate pop-ups, auto-start videos, chat functions that generate a loud ding noise, and fluffy ads that promise without delivering? Even if your web analytics say that something like pop-ups will increase sign-ups by 20%, ask yourself, would you sign up because a popup told you to?

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Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 20 years in interaction design and have designed digital products for Fortune 50 companies all over the world.

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