5 Ways to Use Your Mobile App to Generate and Target Leads

5 Ways to Use Your Mobile App to Generate and Target Leads
teresa-square By Teresa Pham September 17th 2019

Worldwide, consumers downloaded 205.4 billion apps in 2018! Plus, this number is only expected to increase. 

Now is the time to take advantage of having a mobile presence for your business. There are many ways to find your clients and keep their attention using a mobile app. 

One of the many benefits of your business’ mobile app is the ability to generate and target leads. All it takes is some brainstorming and a strategic marketing plan. Learn how to get started with these five tips.

1. Event Apps

You can generate leads from a mobile app that’s targeted towards people attending a specific event. The app can include a schedule of events, a map of the event venue, and even their ticket into the event.

Using this app, you can track the event attendee’s location and also what sessions they attend during the event or conference. Event-based apps have an expiration date, so make sure you gather enough information while your customers have the app in order to follow up with promotions through email. 

2. Create Value

Your app doesn’t have to be related to an event in order to have people download it. Generating leads through an app can be done as long as the app has value to your customer

Be sure that your app is easy to use and navigate. You should also have a clear way for users to contact a live person if they’re having issues with the app.

The app is a representation of your company and the service you provide. So be sure it upholds the same quality.

3. Location, Location, Location

One of the ways that an app can help you generate leads and keep them is by allowing you to track where your customers are when they’re using your app. This can be while they’re at home, at a cafe, or other noticeable trends. 

You can use this information to provide useful notifications and other added value to their experience. You can also use localization to let them know of events happening in their area or special deals that they can take advantage of.

4. Push Notifications

Use this functionality of apps to get your customers’ attention. Push notifications are those bubbles that pop up on your phone’s screen while it’s in sleep mode. 

You can use push notifications to provide limited offers or to let your customers know about sales happening. These are a great way to remind users to click on your app and use its features.

5. Fun Games

Another way to collect feedback from your clients and also learn more about them is to offer games on your app such as trivia, quizzes, polls, and sweepstakes. You can even create an app that uses augmented reality.

You can create questions that’ll delve into your customer’s personal interests and learn more about your demographic. Then you can provide giveaways and contests for customers who participate. 

Use Mobile Apps to Target Leads 

Mobile apps are an excellent way to generate new revenue by using one of these methods to target leads. The great thing about this marketing strategy is you can be as creative as you want to make your app unique. 

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teresa-square By Teresa Pham

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