Our Role in the Project

User Experience

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • Rapid prototyping

User Interface Design

  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual design
  • Mobile app design
  • Website design
  • User engagement testing


  • Laravel Backend/API integrations
  • Laravel app development
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development


  • Product strategy
  • User testing
  • Business intelligence
  • Maintenance & Support

Technology Used

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Vue JS
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Project Overview

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User Problems

User Problems

EB Pearls has collaborated with Aguzzo Group to develop a mobile app focusing on their services such as in-store product demonstrations and visual merchandising with positive brand awareness. By automating a range of mundane aspects of employee management, the app aims to boost productivity of its users.

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Business Problems

Business Problems

The Aguzzo group assigned EB Pearls to create a mobile employee management app that would let their contractors and brand ambassadors remotely log hours. They also sought to provide the admin the ability to review performance and create rosters.

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The objectives and the core concepts of the app were identified during the pre-design phase of the app development process. At the end of this process, a roadmap for the project, tech considerations, and some recommendations were presented to the clients, followed by the design of the app including wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.

EB Pearls executed a reliable system where input data was sent to and analysed at the back-end. From a technical standpoint, it was important to ensure the reliable transmission of information in a secured database for both archival and ease of retrieval purposes.

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Backlog Creation

Backlog Creation

The team determined the tasks to complete in a sprint based on priority once the product owner creates and prioritises the product backlog. After that, while moving from the product backlog to scrum backlog, the team members expanded each item to more than one sprint task, so that they can efficiently share their work during each sprint.

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Backlog Grooming

Backlog Grooming

To reduce ambiguity while maximizing clarity, refinements sessions as well as backlog prioritisations were done. This helped the team to recognize the upcoming tasks in the backlog. The grooming sessions also allowed time to reevaluate stories based on new information.

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User Experience and Design

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

The design sprint ensured that the team was on the same page, and resulted in a successful collaboration of the team. This process is very streamlined and enabled teams to produce deliverables as well as confirm assumptions regarding users.

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User Testing

User Testing

Rather than designing just based on assumptions, the designers used their findings from the testing phase. In addition, the testing allowed product teams to find any problems before it reached the end-users. It also helped to identify early bugs which allowed the smoother launch of the app.


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Highlights of the Aguzo App

  • Representing, Collecting, and Analysing Data: EB Pearls implemented a reliable system where data inputted into the app was sent to and analysed at the backend. From a technical standpoint, it was important to standardise and filter the shift data being sent through the app to ensure the reliable transmission of information. Data needed to be stored at the backend in a secure database for both archival and ease of retrieval purposes.
  • UX design for all Types of Users: Although the Aguzzo app is centred around the representation of data, UX was an important focus during design and development. EB Pearls created a frontend UI that was efficient and to the point, allowing for employees to easily and quickly log shift data. The last thing the Aguzzo Group wanted was for employees to waste too much time using the app. On the other side of things, EB Pearls also paid special attention to the user experience in the backend. As the targeted user of the backend, the employer, was not necessarily a technical person, it was important to make the backend user friendly without obscuring any features.
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While developing the app, we have learnt that a User Interface (UI) needs to be clear and the user must be able to use the app easily without looking at any tutorials. Furthermore, prototyping, as well as testing the mobile app were equally as essential. Therefore, the testing was done with real customers and feedback was collected to make necessary changes.


Next Steps

Next Steps

An apps development does not simply end after it is launched, we will need to continually assess feedback when making changes in future versions of the app. We will also continue to work on new updates and new features. We need to maintain the app, and keep in mind that it is a long-term commitment.