Our role in the project

User experience

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • UI/UX Design

UI Design

  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual design
  • Mobile app design
  • Website design
  • User testing
  • User engagement testing


  • VueJS
  • NodeJS Backend/API integrations
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development

Quality assurance

  • User testing
  • User engagement testing
  • Regression testing
  • Test cases & execution

Technology Used

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Vue JS
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Project Overview

Baxta realised there was a void in the community of pets and animals where owners weren’t getting the best experiences when it came to activities such as community events, going to the cafes, traveling with their pets, and so on. To fill this void and to try make these facilities more accessible to pets and their owners, Baxta introduced an app that was solely designed and developed for pets and owners.

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User Problems

User Problems

Pet owners wanted to have easy access to events, places, communities and goods that are pet and animal friendly. Research was carried out to learn the market’s wants and needs. People wanted to avoid the reluctance and discomfort of property owners when pets were mistakenly taken to venues where they were not welcome

People want to keep their pets and animals healthy and provide them with the environment that they need to stay healthy and develop healthy behaviours.

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Business Problems

Business Problems

Designing and building a platform solely for pets/animals was challenging as the idea of Baxta was unique. It was hard to project the market success of the app, although Baxta had already defined its audience; pet owners and businesses for animals and/or animal support. 

Both Baxta Global and EB Pearls studied research data that was collected from different types of users. Upon analysing data from interviews and surveys we came to a realisation that there was a larger audience of pet and animal enthusiasts than we thought there would be. This data led both EB Pearls and Baxta Global to understand that there was an audience for the app and the app’s key features.

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We learned quickly to make the app easy to use for the end-users of the application. 

The data from our studies and interviews were analyzed to define and understand the issues of the customer regarding the pets and animals facilities, services, and communities.

For the successful and fast delivery of a product, the functionalities of the product must be understood, filtered, and prioritised. We prioritised the essential functionalities that would have the most benefits for the users of the application. The biggest challenge was categorising the features that would be developed in phase two of development, almost every feature was unique and seemed important.


This project had a broad scope, not only for the pets and animal social media functionalities but also for the business opportunities that are associated with pets and animals. Also, for the service providers like hotels, restaurants, parks that provide the pets and animals with facilities.


Designing and implementing an app with unique features can be challenging.  There are many social media network platforms dedicated to pets and animals already. Therefore, making Baxta stand out with unique features was one of the major goals of this project. Delivering a simple, yet useful, mobile app for the end-user was kept in mind during the entire design cycle. 

Our challenges were not only limited to the outstanding and user-friendly design of the app, building an app with low battery consumption was also kept as a top priority. People’s entire days are dependent on their mobile devices, therefore, the battery consumption of an app is one of the main concerns of app users.  

phone in hand mockup phone in hand mockup


Ideation was centred around priority allocation. The digital producer worked closely with the design team to help them understand the specifications for the necessary product inputs. The project’s delegated BA rendered the application flow and application functionalities.

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User Stories

User Stories

The project was created from the user story to gain an understanding from the perspective of the end-user. This provided consistency in the application in regards to what users wanted and why they wanted that feature. The user stories that the customer presented became the highest priority user stories.

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Backlog Creation

Backlog Creation

In order to not miss any of the user stories in the project and to make it function properly and at its best, a product backlog was created. This backlog included all the to-do lists for the project. By creating an ultimate to-do list in our project management tool, it became easier for us to plan our sprints.

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Backlog Grooming

Backlog Grooming

Once the product backlog was created, the team refined the backlog to ensure that the backlog included all appropriate items that they would be prioritizing. Backlog grooming is important as it:

  • – Excluded non-relevant user stories.
  • – Added new user stories.
  • – Assigned estimates to user stories that were yet to be received.
  • – Split user stories that were difficult and were in the top priorities.

Wireframe and High Fidelity Prototype


Design Sprint

Design Sprint

This was a highly immersive, creative, and user-focused phase that helped us respond with our clients to crucial business roles. Planned performance and progress was shared by the prototyping and testing of solutions.

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User/Usability Testing

User/Usability Testing

To test these features, each member in the testing team acted as one of the end-users, we also involved the Baxta team as part of the testing team.

Small details that could have been ignored during development, were important for us to identify as they had noticeable impacts on the Baxta app. For example, the difference between a pet profile and a business profile. A key difference between these was the presence of advertisements. The ad feature was only used in the business profiles of Baxta.




baxta mobile chat baxta chat

Development Sprint

Web Design

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning

We were given a timeline at the start of the project for the completion and delivery of the final usable product to the consumer.

Based on the backlog item list being maintained, we always prioritized the most important functionalities for each sprint, so that no functionality would be skipped during development and delivery. The methods and processes needed to make the sprint possible were addressed with the scrum team. The team members also discussed what could be done in failure scenarios, so that they would be prepared to deal with these issues.

Each sprint preparation provided the foundation for the development of the application.

Key Features

The application was created with the unique features needed for a successful pets and animals social media platform. 

    • Pet owners being able to post on their feeds.
    • Pet owners being able to post on their stories.
    • Chat with other pet owners.
    • Search for locations that are pets specific or available for pets, using specific filters.
    • Sharing your pets and animals with other enthusiasts.
Baxta pets
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What We Learned

We always try our best to provide user-friendly and useful products to our clients, so that their customers will face the least problems while using the program. We learned to make and keep the simplicity of the product at the centre of our design. It enhanced our designs while making each feature function seamlessly. 

Simple yet unique features in the application helped in pleasing the end-users. Users were happy to use an application that is dedicated to creating a better experience for pets, owners, and related businesses. 

EB Pearls learned to handle internal databases for large datasets and became better at developing designs by customizing the provided APIs. The team developed a good knowledge of socket programming for implementing chat features, and the team is confident in implementing these in other projects as well. Many crashes and bugs were encountered during the development phase, especially during the early stages of the project, when the requirements weren’t as defined. The team learned to quickly find these unique bugs and debug them as fast as possible.


Next steps

Next steps

  • Ads Management System Integration
  • Multilingual App
  • Promo Wall
  • Notifications
  • Monitor the applications which have been released.