Revamping the Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) Website: Enhancing Accessibility and User Experience

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Understanding the Client:

The Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) is a non-profit organization at the forefront of advocating for disability rights. Led by individuals with intellectual disabilities, CID aims to foster a community that respects and provides equal opportunities for all. With a specific focus on health, NDIS, transport, jobs, education, and safety, CID seeks to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Our Approach:

EB Pearls undertook a comprehensive approach to revamp the CID website, encompassing business process analysis, design and development, and quality assurance. Collaborating closely with the client, we gained a deep understanding of their requirements and aspirations

The Challenge:

The existing CID website faced the challenge of being outdated and lacking user-friendliness. Our task was to breathe new life into the website, creating an aesthetically pleasing and accessible platform that would empower individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. Our goal was to provide valuable resources, facilitate connections, and promote active engagement within the community.

Responsive Design:

Central to the website revamp was the implementation of a responsive design. This ensured that the website offered an optimal viewing experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. By embracing responsive design principles, we enhanced accessibility and usability, catering to users with diverse abilities.

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Key Features:

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Issue Dropdown:

The revamped website introduced an intuitive issue dropdown menu, allowing users to effortlessly select their areas of interest, such as health, jobs and education, abuse, inclusion, and transport. The dropdown provided access to a wealth of related resources conveniently located on the same page.

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A paramount focus was placed on ensuring the website adhered to accessibility standards, enabling inclusivity for a wide range of users. The interface was purposefully designed to optimize the user experience, catering specifically to the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Our role in the project

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Council For Intellectual Disability

The Outcome:

The revitalized CID website triumphantly fulfilled its objective of providing a user-friendly and accessible platform. Through improved design and enhanced functionality, we successfully empowered individuals with intellectual disabilities, enabling them to acquire new skills, access valuable resources, and actively participate in the community. The launch of the website marked the beginning of an enduring partnership, with EB Pearls committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance to foster continuous growth and success.

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