Streamlining Video Content Production: The Crews Web App

Crews bridge the gap between content creators and professionals by providing a comprehensive solution for networking and project management in the content production industry.
By understanding the needs of content creators, we were able to create a web platform that not only facilitated networking but also offered project management capabilities for both creators and client companies

Technology Used

Icon Wordpress Wordpress
Icon Php PHP
Icon Mysql Mysql
Icon Html Html
Icon Sass Sass
Icon Babel Babel
Eb Pearls Cloudflare

The Client

Crews identified the need for a dedicated networking platform for content creators. Their vision was to bring together professionals from the video and photo production industry and provide a seamless experience for project collaboration


Intuitive navigation: Enabling users to easily find what they’re looking for within the app, whether it’s through a menu, search function, or other means.
Personalisation: Giving users the ability to customise their experience can help increase engagement and satisfaction.
Performance: Ensuring a fast, seamless website experience that is scalable and compatible with multiple browsers

Our Solution

To meet the challenges faced by Crews, we collaborated with their team to develop a robust web application. We provided a comprehensive project timeline, enabling efficient delivery of the final product.
We involved clients in the testing process to gather valuable feedback and ensure their needs were met. Through analysis and interviews, we gained insights into the production management and contractor sourcing challenges faced by content creators.

Eb Pearls

Our role in the project

Icon For Mobile 2


  • Brand Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Service Design
Icon For Web


  • NodeJS App Development
  • ReactJS App Development
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The Result

Crews successfully filled the market gap by offering a comprehensive networking platform that transformed the content production industry. Content creators now had easy access to networking opportunities and services within their profession.
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