Farm Service Manager: Streamlining Farm Machinery Management with a Mobile App

EB Pearls takes pride in presenting the case study on the development of the Farm Service Manager mobile app. This case study showcases how we collaborated with Farm Service Manager (FSM) to streamline farm machinery management for clients worldwide. Read on to learn more about our approach and the key features that have made the Farm Service Manager app a game-changer for farmers and agricultural companies globally.

Technology Used

Swift App Development Swift
Mobile App Development Kotlin
Nodejs NodeJS
Mongodb MongoDB
Amazon Lamda Amazon Lamda
Amazon Elastic Cache Amazon Elastic Cache
Amazon Ses Amazon SES
Icon Reactjs ReactJS
Nextjs NextJS

Understanding the Client

Farm Service Manager (FSM) is a leading global farm machinery servicing system that required a mobile app to effectively manage and track a large number of farm machines. FSM caters to single owner-operators, partnerships, and large corporate agricultural companies, providing comprehensive maintenance tracking for all items on a farm site

Our Approach

We adopted a user-centered approach, conducting thorough research and engaging in stakeholders’ workshops to understand the needs and expectations of FSM’s target users. Collaborating closely with FSM, we created a product strategy and rapidly prototyped UI designs to ensure an intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to develop a streamlined, multi-user mobile app that simplified farm machinery management while eliminating technical complications. We aimed to create a user-friendly interface that allowed users to track service events, maintain machinery stock lists, log history, and set service reminders effortlessly.

Responsive Design

We prioritized responsive design to ensure the app’s compatibility across iOS and Android platforms. Leveraging technologies such as Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter, we delivered a seamless user experience regardless of the device used, optimizing functionality and performance.

Eb Pearls

Key Features

Icon For Team

Multi-user Management

The app enabled teams to view the status of all machinery on a farm, providing valuable insights for corporate farmers.

Icon For Scalability

Daily Inspection Surveys

The app generated PDF reports for individual machinery components, offering crucial information such as hours until service, enhancing maintenance planning for farmers.

Our role in the project

Farm Service Manager

The Outcome:

The Farm Service Manager app was a resounding success, meeting the needs of farmers and providing them with a valuable tool for efficient machinery management. The initial major version was delivered on time and within budget. EB Pearls continues to support FSM by regularly updating the app with new features and capabilities, ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction and maintenance.

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