Enhancing Learner Experience with the Learnt Mobile App

Discover how EB Pearls successfully designed and developed the Learnt mobile application, revolutionizing the way learners engage with online courses. Explore our approach, challenges overcome, and the key features that make Learnt a game-changer in the e-learning industry.

Technology Used

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Nodejs NodeJS
Mongodb MongoDB
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Amazon Elastic Cache Amazon Elastic Cache
Amazon Ses Amazon SES
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Nextjs NextJS

Understanding the Client:

EB Pearls collaborated with Learnt, a global learning management platform, to develop a mobile application that would revolutionize the way individuals access and engage with online courses. Our aim was to create a user-friendly and interactive platform that would enhance learner experience and facilitate seamless knowledge acquisition

Our Approach:

To meet the client’s requirements, we adopted a user-centered design approach. Our team conducted extensive research and gathered valuable insights into learner behavior and preferences. By understanding the target audience’s needs, we were able to develop a mobile application that catered to their expectations and provided a personalized learning experience.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to design and develop a mobile application that seamlessly integrated with the existing web application while offering a unique set of features tailored specifically for learners. We needed to ensure that the app provided a responsive and intuitive interface, allowing learners to access course materials, engage in social learning, and track their progress conveniently from their mobile devices.

Responsive Design:

EB Pearls implemented a responsive design approach to ensure that the Learnt mobile application functioned flawlessly across various devices and screen sizes. By optimizing the user interface and layout, we created an intuitive and visually appealing mobile app that offered a consistent experience to learners, regardless of the device they used.

Eb Pearls

Key Features:

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Comprehensive Course Catalog:

Learners could easily explore a diverse range of courses, with detailed descriptions, ratings, and reviews, enabling them to make informed choices.

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Seamless Course Enrollment:

Learners could enroll in their desired courses directly from the mobile application, streamlining the process and providing instant access to course materials.

Our role in the project


The Outcome:

The Learnt mobile application, designed and developed by EB Pearls, successfully transformed the learner experience in the e-learning industry. Learners now have a user-friendly and intuitive platform to explore, enroll, and engage with courses conveniently from their mobile devices. The implementation of key features such as comprehensive course catalogs, progress tracking, interactive content, and social learning capabilities has significantly enhanced learner engagement, knowledge retention, and overall satisfaction.

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