Revolutionising Freight Management: Mondiale VGL’s Success Story

Explore how Mondiale VGL, one of Australia’s leading freight management companies, has come to harness the power of a headless WordPress solution we’ve built with Next.js and React.js.

Technology Used

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The Client

As a freight management company, Mondiale VGL deals with a large volume of shipments and logistics every day. They needed a solution that can handle their website’s traffic and content without slowing down or compromising the user experience.

The Challenges

The development of Mondiale VGL’s website presented several challenges, including the separation of the front-end and back-end to make it easier for their team to maintain and update the website over time. Our team successfully addressed these issues by implementing a headless architecture utilising Next.js and React.js.

Our Solution

By leveraging Next.js and React.js, our solution offers unparalleled flexibility and performance. The integration with WordPress enabled streamlined content management, empowering Mondiale VGL to update and publish freight-related information effortlessly.

Eb Pearls

Our role in the project

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Mondiale Vgl

The Results

As a result, the website experienced significantly improved performance, ensuring smooth user experiences and faster load times. Our solution allows the company to handle increasing traffic, adapt to future growth, and effortlessly update and showcase their freight management services.
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