Revolutionising Internships For NSW Students

Explore how we successfully managed to convert a paper-based system to a digital platform, streamlining processes for students, teachers, and government analysis.

Continue reading to learn all about the key features of our mobile app that made internship reporting seamless and effective for students and teachers across NSW.

Technology Used

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The Client

Our client, the New South Wales Government in Australia, required a digital solution to replace the cumbersome paper-based internship reporting system. Students undertaking vocational training needed to be able to provide digital evidence of their industry engagement as per their teachers’ plans.


The project presented several challenges, including:

  • Converting the entire internship reporting system from paper to a digital environment, which required careful planning and execution.
  • Adding all the essential information required for the internship program, ensuring that it captured and presented the relevant data accurately and comprehensively.
  • Ensuring that the app could accommodate all necessary information and provide an intuitive user experience for both students and teachers.

Our Solution

We developed a free app that allowed students to track and report their internship activities digitally.

The NSW Education free educational app has an interface to help students complete educational and internship-related tasks and interactive quizzes on any mobile device — moving at their own pace!

The app eliminates the need for a paper-based system, enabling students to follow their teachers’ plans and provide evidence of their progress, facilitating seamless communication between all parties involved.


Key Features

We’ve cultivated the friendly environment where our professionals have the necessary resources to create the best digital experiences.

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Activity Tracking

The app allowed students to record and track their internship activities, providing a comprehensive overview of their progress and achievements.

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Digital Evidence Submission

Students could upload photos, documents, and other digital evidence to support their internship activities, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

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Communication and Feedback

The app enables flawless communication between students and teachers, allowing them to exchange messages, provide feedback, and discuss progress throughout the internship period.

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Comprehensive Data Analysis

The digital platform enabled the government to analyse data on industry engagement, gaining insights into the effectiveness of vocational training programs.

Our Role in the NSW Education Project

Nsw Education

The Result

Seamless reporting process
By converting the paper-based system to a digital platform, we streamlined the internship reporting process for students, teachers, and government officials, eliminating the hassle of physical paperwork and enhancing overall efficiency.

Enhanced data analysis
The digital system provided the government with accurate and up-to-date data on industry engagement, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of vocational training programs and make informed decisions for future improvements.

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