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NSW Education

NSW Education is a state government body that looks after the education services for NSW schools and training centres.

  • Case Study
  • Mobile app

NSW Education

NSW Education is a state government body that looks after the education services for NSW schools and training centres.

An easy way to organise industry engagement for vocational training teachers and students.

Android Phone
Mobile app development
16 weeks

Project overview

Industry Engagement Diary is an iOS and Android mobile application that allows students to keep track of their completion hours for their vocational placements. It offers an easy for teachers to gather the required information from students efficiently and conveniently.


Evidence of Industry Engagement

The main purpose of this app is to provide students an easy way to provide a log of their vocational training hours and evidence, in the form of a placement report.The app also serves as a one-shop-stop for pertinent information such as, events, resources and industry contacts.

Simply at the tap of a button, students are able to begin logging their placement hours. This provides accurate time records and allows students and teachers to keep track of the number of hours needed.

Report Submission

As part of the process, it was also required that students submit a comprehensive report. To facilitate this, the app had functionalities to allow the upload of files, the saving and resuming of form submissions and a clear, broken-down process.

Integration with Existing CMS: As the government department had existing infrastructure prior to this app, it was imperative that EB Pearls connected the information from the app to the existing CMS. This meant a seamless transition to using the app within their operations.

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In conclusion

The app is definitely an improvement to the archaic form submission system, as it is more reliable, accurate and intuitive to use. This more convenient data collection system will definitely prove to be an investment well spent.

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We were looking for a company with a great reputation and EB pearls is a company that lives up to its reputation. EB Pearls’ approach is very sincere. We believed that EB Pearls could take Quote Up from the initial startup stage to completion. We were quite confident that they could take our app to the next level.

David Milanes

Co-Founder, QuoteUp

I have found EB Pearls great to work with. They offer high level, innovative and affordable app development. I appreciate that they view our business relationship through a long term lense, always working to find a solution that will help my business’s growth.  I look forward to continuing to work with the EB Pearls team.

Lisa Brown

Co-owner, Impact apps

EB Pearls delivered a good-looking product that functioned as intended. I chose EB Pearls based on the transparency and the level of understanding that the team at EB pearls goes through to make sure your product is successful.

Grace Wilkie

Founder, Vaultd Pty Ltd

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