Saucedit, an employment agency recognized the need to enhance their HR and WHS (Work Health and Safety) management processes. To meet this demand, they partnered with our mobile app development team at EB Pearls to create a user-friendly and efficient solution. In this case study, we will delve into the journey of developing the Saucedit mobile app, which aims to streamline HR document management, improve communication, and empower employees with self-service capabilities.

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

Saucedit is an Australian employment agency that specializes in providing services related to contracts, HR documents, payroll management, and employment document management. They approached EB Pearls with a requirement to develop a mobile app that would enable employees to efficiently manage their HR documents and related tasks.

Our Approach:

To meet Saucedit’s needs, we followed a comprehensive approach that involved understanding their requirements, conducting research, and collaborating closely with stakeholders. We focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app that would streamline the management of HR and WHS documents.

The Challenge:

One of the primary challenges we faced was the need to create a responsive design that would ensure seamless user experience across different mobile devices and screen sizes. Additionally, we had to incorporate various features, including employee self-service, document creation, and communication tools, into the app while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Responsive Design:

To address the challenge of delivering a consistent experience on various devices, we implemented a responsive design approach. This involved designing and developing the app in a way that automatically adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring optimal usability and readability.

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Key Features:

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Employee Self-Service:

The mobile app allows employees to update timesheets, view rosters, manage payroll, and access important HR documents.

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Communication Tools:

The app facilitates effective communication among team members, enabling seamless collaboration on work-related tasks. Users can also create contracts, HR documents, reports, and proposals directly within the app.

Our role in the project

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The Outcome:

The development and launch of the Saucedit mobile app resulted in significant improvements in HR document management and employee communication. Employees can now easily access and update their HR information, creating a more streamlined and efficient workflow. The responsive design implementation has ensured a consistent user experience across different devices, enhancing usability and accessibility. Saucedit has seen positive feedback from its employees and is experiencing increased productivity and satisfaction.

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